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a web of many textures

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Page 279


A lecturer once claimed for feeling the whole of
the qualities that characterized all the senses as they are
distinguished by the old dogma. He argued that
through the eyes, ears, palate, nose, all arrived at the
sensorium, and hence were feeling. And there was
truth and beauty in it; for what were all those open
doors to consciousness, if the feeling were wanting to
give the glow to beauty, or the melody to song, or the
perfection to art? We see many living illustrations of
the truth of this in the world, in whom feeling lies an
uncultivated thing, withering in the air of frigid indifference.
They are called heartless people, which is very
expressive; and we feel chilled by contact with them, as
though, in our summerish feeling, a breeze from over an
iceberg had fanned us.