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a web of many textures

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People may say as much as they please about the
excellence of the schools,” said Mrs. Partington, very
terribly, “but, for my part, I think they are no better
than they ought to be. Why, do you know,” continued
she, in a big whisper, “that Isaac's teacher has actually
been giving him instruction in vulgar fractions?” She
took off her spectacles and rubbed the glasses, in her
excitement putting them on bottom side up. The charge,
we admitted, was a just one. “Yes,” continued she,
brightening up for a new charge, like a slate beneath
the action of a wet sponge, “yes, and see what other
things they learn, about moods and pretences and all
sorts of nonsense. Gracious knows we learn moods
enough without going to school, and as for pretences
we find enough of them outside. There are too many
pretenders in the schools and out of 'em, without trying
to make any more.” She was provoked because Ike
did n't get the medal for his splendid composition on the
“American Eagle.”