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14a  Rebuilt E. end as N. wall buttress, 10′ h. x 4′ w. 
14C  Repairs, north offset, 1′ h. x ca. 4′ long. 
60B  SE. wall repaired, 1926. 
76  SE. arc, rebuilt 5′ h. x 7′ w. 
SW. door, blocking replaced, 1927. 
N of 86C 3rd story ceiling offset, repairs above and below; beams replaced. 
87  N. wall below offset, 3′ repaired; beam replaced. 
N. wall, floor offset to door repaired, sill replaced. 
88  S. wall, 4′ h. x 3′ patch, W. half; N. door, lintels replaced; NW.
ventilator inadvertently closed, 1926. 
89B  N. side, repairs E. of door; beam end replaced. 
2nd N. of 89: N. wall, beam holes repaired; beam end replaced. 
91  Piled loose stones against leaning SW. wall as temporary buttress,
98B  N. wall: 2 new door lintels; repairs above door to ceiling offset; E. of
door, 3′ h. x 6′ patch. 
98C  N. wall: above floor offset, 3′ patch to NW. corner; beam replaced.
W. wall, 4′ h. x 3′ w. patch. 
138  N. wall E. of door, 3′ h. repairs. W. wall, 2′ h. repairs, full length. 
142  E. wall repaired; outside SE. corner, repaired masonry under large
slab, 1923. 
143-4  External W. wall repairs (see W. Court). 
148  Repaired "altar." 
153-4  S. wall, rebuilt 2′ h. 
158  Repaired N. and W. walls, 1927. 
168  W. door repaired, new lintels, 1925. 
172  N. wall, 5′ h. x 3′ patch, W. half. 
Repairs N. door, NW. corner. 
Repairs along N. floor offset and below door. 
173  W. wall: repairs, ca. 4′ long, at ceiling pole level. 
NW. diagonal door: replaced 2 lintels; repairs above to ceiling offset. 
174  N wall: repairs around beam end. E. wall; over door, 2′ sq. patch. 
Repairs NE. corner, above floor offset. 
175B  Repaired N. door jambs and 18″ above to NW. corner; new lintels;
W. wall: N. end offset repaired. 
177B  3 large patches W. side at and above floor offset; wall top repaired. 
179B  2′ sq. patch at floor offset NW. corner. W. side: patch 5′ h. x 3′ in
N. half; offset repaired to N. wall. 
180  W. wall: 2′ h. x 3′ patch upper south. 
180B  NW. end: 3′ h. x 4′ patch in middle; 2′ patch along offset. W. side:
repairs over diagonal doorway, SW. corner; 2 new lintel poles;
offset repaired to NW. corner, ventilator repaired and 5′ h. x 3′ patch
Repaired W. door jambs; new sill; 1′ sq. patch in N. half of wall. 
183  N: middle of ceiling offset repaired; W: N. half of offset. 
Repaired N. door and for 9″ above; new jambs, sill and lintels. W.
door: both jambs repaired; new sill installed. 
184  SE. end: repairs around ceiling poles; SW. side, above blocked door to
NE side: door jambs repaired and 15″ above; new lintels; SW. side,
6′ w. repairs to wall top, including new door lintels. 
185  NW. end: repairs 1′ below entire offset; SW. side, repaired beam
hole and ventilator. 
186  Southwest wall, beam holes repaired. 
187B  Northeast: Beam replaced; 2′ square patch. 
Northwest: wall rebuilt to below 187C doorway to buttress NE wall;
N. jamb repaired; replaced lintels. 
Northwest: door repaired. 
Northeast: W. ventilator repaired. 
188  Outside NE. wall: 2 patches 1½′ w. x 3′ h.; 2′ w. x 3′ h. 
Northeast: Repaired around beam holes and along ceiling offset. 
Southeast: Wall rebuilt to door in 188C as N. wall buttress. 
Northwest: Rebuilt above door to wall top, 10′ h. as N. wall buttress. 
Northeast: Patched floor offset, 3′ l. x 1′ h. 
189  Outside NE. wall: Repairs above ventilators, 3′ h. 
Northeast: Beam holes repaired. 
Southeast: Rebuilt above doorway to wall top, 4′ w. x 12′ h. as N. wall
Northeast: floor offset repaired. 
Northeast: Patched floor offset, 5′ l. x 3′ h. 
209  East end repairs. 
225  E. and W.: Repaired beam seatings. 
Repaired about all doors; replaced lintels, N. and E.; sill, S. door;
repaired ventilators. 
226  N.: Repairs at ceiling level, 2′ h. x 4′ l., upper 4′ rebuilt, 1921. 
S.: Repairs about door and above to wall top; E. and W. repaired to
buttress S. wall. 
227  N.: Repaired and replastered large vandal-torn hole, east end, 1926. 
227-I  N.: Repairs at ceiling level. 
228  N., E., and S. walls: Repaired (1921) holes caused by removal of
beams and ceiling poles. 
Repaired (1921) and partly rebuilt E. and W. walls; E. repairs inadvertently
blocked ventilator in T-shaped door. S. wall: Repaired
beam holes and ventilator. 
Repaired S. door and surrounding masonry. 
229B  Upper E. wall partly rebuilt (1921) to buttress 229C south wall. 
235  S.: Repaired large hole broken through from 227. Room refilled on
account drainage. 
241B  Repaired N. door jambs and 2′ above to wall top; new lintels. W. door:
New lintels and 6′ h. repairs, 8′ w. at top. 
242  W.: Small patch at beam level. 
2′ x 4′ h. patch in middle E. wall. NE. diagonal door: New lintels
and 4′ above to ceiling offset. W. side: Upper courses relaid to
provide drainage. 
E. side: From floor offset, repairs 2′ w. x 6′ h. 
243  Repaired E.-W. beam seatings, 1921. 
2′ h. repairs at N. ceiling level. E. side: 6 sq. ft. patch in middle;
above S. ventilator, new lintels and 15 sq. ft. patch above into 243C.
W. side: New lintels and N. jamb of door; repairs at beam level. 
Repairs, W. side: middle and S. half. 
244B  Minor repairs (1921) SE. diagonal and 3 other doors; above E. door,
6′ patch into 244C; W. door, new lintels. 
245B  E. door: Repairs and new lintels, 1921. 
247B-S  N. wall, on rotted beam, removed 1921 and position indicated. 
B-N  N. and S. walls, built on rotted 247A beams, removed 1921; positions
indicated by stones protruding from side walls. East door repaired,
lintels replaced. 
248B  N. wall: Built on beam, position marked by stones protruding from
side walls, 1921. 
249B  S. wall removed, N. wall repaired 1921. 
251  East: 2 new beams placed. W. side: door repaired, lintels replaced. 
S. wall: upper 5′ rebuilt. W. wall: S. half, 1′ h., rebuilt. 
252  East: Repairs at beam level. 
East: 3′ x 4′ patch in middle; upper 3′ new. S. wall: Collapsed;
position indicated as in 247B-N. 
256  East door: Burned lintels replaced; wall above repaired. 
W. door restored, 1922; rebuilt step below. 
257  E. door: new lintels placed; wall above repaired 1922; NW. diagonal
door, new lintels. 
N. and E. doors and masonry above repaired, new lintels placed. Ventilator
from 181B and surroundings repaired; ventilator from 256B
unwittingly closed during 1922 repairs. 
259B  North door repaired, new lintels, jambs, and sill. 
260  N.: Repairs at ceiling level; 1′ x 2′ h. patch; E. door repaired, new
lintels placed, masonry below repaired to floor offset; 4′ square
patch above. 
SE. door repaired, new lintels placed. S. door: new lintels and 6′ patch
261  N. door: new lintels; repairs above and for 3′ on W. side. 
E. wall partly rebuilt, 1922, to brace insecure W. corner of 184. S.
door: Both jambs repaired, new lintels placed, wall above repaired
entire length. 
S. end: 4′ w. x 3′ h. patch. 
265  N.: Repairs entire length at ceiling level, ceiling poles replaced.
E.: offset and 1′ below repaired entire length; ventilators repaired;
3′ x 5′ h. patch at N. ventilator. W. wall: offset and beam seatings
E. door: From floor offset to sill repaired; also both jambs and
masonry on either side. 
268  E. door: N. jamb rebuilt, new lintels placed, masonry on either side
273  N. door: replaced lintels, repaired masonry above, 1922. 
295  SW. wall: E. end, repaired (1923) hole broken through W. end. Inadvertently
closed ventilator. 
296B  N. wall: Patch 2′ x 4′ h. at ceiling offset, W. half. 
N. wall: 2 beam holes repaired, 1 beam reset; patch, NE. corner at
ceiling level. 
297C  N. wall: 1 beam reset; repairs ca. 2′ below ceiling offset; NE. corner,
repairs above and below offset. 
299B  W. end: Upper part rebuilt to buttress N. wall (1923). 
W. end: Upward extension as in 299B. 
301B  N. wall: 1922 repairs failed to reproduce second-type masonry. Beam
reset; ventilator repaired and new lintels placed. E. and W. ends
rebuilt 3′ w. from floor offset to buttress N. wall. 
N.: Repairs at ceiling level. 
306B  N. door: new lintels and jambs. E. and W. sides, wall repairs. S. side:
9 sq. ft. patch lower E. half. 
West Court. SE. corner Gateway: Repaired cross-wall, 2′ high.
E. side of Court: Rebuilt lower 18″-24″ from Gateway to interCourt
passageway N. of 35a; on N. side of passageway, repairs 7′
long x 5′ h. 
Outside North wall: Repaired all vandal-torn holes, R. 14b to R. 187. 
Repaired upper 2-3′ of wall, replacing 3 charred ceiling(?) poles in
original position, W. wall. Repaired both sides stairway to R. 148,
replacing decayed sticks at step level. 
Repaired and raised wall 2½ to 3½ ft. 
In 1921 raised N. and W. walls 3′ to approximately original height to
control drainage. Where pilaster logs had burned, filled holes with
stonework. Filled subfloor vault with sand and broken rock as
drainage aid. 
Rebuilt upper 3′ of wall; upper 6-15″ of each pilaster rebuilt. 
Rebuilt upper wall, 12-18″ on N. and E.; 2-3′, S. and W. sides. 
Approximately upper 1′ repaired. 
Approximately upper 3′ rebuilt. 
From 2½ to 3½′ of upper wall repaired. 
Approximately 2′ of upper wall rebuilt. 
Upper 3′ of S. wall rebuilt; remaining wall raised about 2′. 
Upper 1′ of S. quarter rebuilt. At top of W. quarter, 1 x 4′ patch. 
Upper 3′ of wall rebuilt. 
Upper 2′ of E. side rebuilt; at S., upper 1′ rebuilt. 
Upper 3′ of N. wall rebuilt. 
Upper 2-4′ of wall repaired or rebuilt; 6′ at NW. 
Upper 6″ of wall repaired; also pilasters. 
67  E. face of enclosed wall repaired. 
161  Approximately 2′ of upper wall rebuilt, three-fourths of circumference. 

Beginning in 1921 representatives of the National Geographic Society undertook voluntarily
to repair wall damage at Pueblo Bonito previously caused by extraction of timbers or
otherwise. Some of that damage pre-dates Mindeleff's 1887 photographs but most of it
apparently occurred during the decade 1896-1906. The following list, by no means complete,
was begun in 1926 by Henry B. Roberts from personal observation and has since been
expanded by others from field records of the Expeditions. As a matter of fact, repairs in
some degree were required in nearly every room, the annual cost exceeding $2,000.

Known repairs by the National Park Service, 1925-1927, follow on page 341.

PUEBLO BONITO, 1925-1927

Room  Nature of repairs. 
3b  Repaired (1926) holes broken through NW. ceiling, NE. and NW.
3d  Repaired (1926) platform at NW. end; holes broken through floor
and NE. wall from R. 58. 
58  Repaired (1926) hole through SW. wall to R. 3d (Pepper, 1920, pp.
220, 329). 
92  (2nd story of R. 97 or 3a) T-shaped door, NW. wall, 1926. 
110  See Rooms 3b, 3d, 58 above. 
158  Repairs to N. and W. walls, 1927. 
168  Repaired W. door, replaced lintels, 1925. 
169  SW. door: lintels and masonry above replaced, 1927; 3 NW. doors
185B  SW. door repaired, 1927. 
227B  Concrete floor placed, 1925, to protect ceiling of 227A. 
Kiva D  Walls and surrounding rooms covered with concrete, April-May 1925,
as experiment in drainage control. 

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