University of Virginia Library


March 1st, 1877 to March 1st, 1878,

    From the following:

  • W. W. Corcoran, Esq.—Two Instalments
    of $1,000 each of a Gift of $5,000 to be
    paid in annual instalments.

  • J. H. Siddons.

  • S. S. Laws, LL. D.

  • Committee of the Public Library of Indianapolis.

  • Board of Directors of Mercantile Library
    Company, Philadelphia.

  • Hon. Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State.

  • George Reuling, M. D.

  • Brigadier-General A. A. Humphreys, Chief
    of Engineers, U. S. A.—The Publications
    of his Department.

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  • Hon. R. E. Withers.—Public Documents.

  • Treasury Department, Washington, D. C.
    —Public Documents.

  • Samuel A. Green, M. D.

  • Hon. J.W. Johnston.—Public Documents.

  • C. C. Dawson, Esq.

  • Peter C. Harris, Major of Engineers, U.S.A.

  • Bureau of Navigation, Washington, D. C.
    —Publications of the Office.

  • J. W. Simmons, Superintendent of Public
    Instruction, New Hampshire.

  • Frederic Pincott, Member of the Royal
    Asiatic Society of Great Britain.

  • Hon. John Goode.—Public Documents.

  • Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

  • J. A. Williamson, Commissioner of the
    General Land Office.

  • Society of Arts, London.

  • Smithsonian Institution.

  • Boston University.

  • Judge Robert W. Hughes.

  • C. Woolnaugh, M. A., University of
    Cambridge, England.

  • Commissioners from New South Wales,
    Australia, to International Exhibition at
    Philadelphia, 1876.

  • Brazilian Centennial Commission to International
    Exhibition at Philadelphia, 1876.

  • Thomas Graham, Esq.

  • Government of Great Britain.—11 Volumes
    of the Publications of the Record

  • Harper & Brothers.

  • Fred. W. Simonds, M. S.

  • W. H. Smith, Esq.

  • Civil Engineering Class of University of
    Virginia, of 1874-'5.

  • Commonwealth of Virginia.—State Publications.

  • American Philosophical Society.

  • Thomas P. Janes, Commissioner of Agriculture
    of the State of Georgia.

  • Portuguese Centennial Commissioners to
    the International Exhibition at Philadelphia,

  • Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C.

  • Department of the Interior, Washington, D.
    C.—52 Volumes of Public Documents.

  • His Excellency the Gov. General of India.
    —Continuation of the Memoirs and Records
    of the Geological Survey of India.

  • F. Schneider, Esq., Washington, D. C.

  • J. G. Cabell, M. D., President of the
    Board of Health, Richmond, Va.

  • Alexander Hogg, Esq.

  • Bernard Quaritch, Esq.

  • Trustees of the Peabody Museum of American

  • The State of New Hampshire.

  • The Committee of the Cobden Club, London.

  • The State of South Carolina.—State Publications.

  • Hon. Alex. H. H. Stuart.

  • Department of State, Washington, D. C.

  • Frederic W. Page, Esq.

  • John Erücsosson, LL. D.

  • Señor Don Mariano Bárcena, City of

  • Alexander Moseley, Esq.

  • Missouri State University.

  • Brigadier-General S. V. Benet, Chief of
    Ordnance, U. S. A.

  • B. Westermann & Co.

  • A. R. Spofford, Librarian of Congress.

  • Little, Brown & Co.

  • O. C. Marsh, Esq.

  • Judge Wm. D. Shipman, New York,

  • Professor Thomas R. Price.

  • Professor John R. Page.