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Betsey according to your hint cries
"Atlantic" and defies any thing that either of
us can say or do. She consents to every
thing, except that I should love you as well

as herself and this you are too reasonable to

But I do not know how far
I shall avail myself of her generosity if you
do not mend your manners. You hurt my
republican nerves by your intimacy with
"amiable" Princes. I cannot endure
that you should be giving such folks dinners,
while I at the distance of 3000 miles
can only console myself by thinking
of you.

But I pray you dont let
your Vanity make you forget that such
folks are but men and that it is
very possible that they may not be half
as worthy of the good will of a fine woman
as a parliament man or a Secretary
of the Treasury.

You are not however
to conclude from what I have said that
I am in a violent fit of dudgeon
with you. If it will give you pleasure

assure yourself that you are as much in my
good graces as ever and that you must
be a very naughty girl indeed before
you can lose the place you have
in my affections. I earnestly join Betsey
in the favorite wish that we may
meet again— And heaven permitting, it shall be so

Adieu very dear sister
in law
A. Hamilton
October 2d. 91