University of Virginia Library


I thank you my dear Angelica for your
two last letters and for the Trouble you were taking
to procure me the remainder of the Articals I requestd
you to send out.

As they have not yet arrived and
as you appear to be at a loss about the lights, for want
of knowing the size of my drawing room; lest
any thing should have occasioned delay it may be
of use to inform you the dimensions are five and
twenty feet square.

We have just taken house in
Markett Street nearly opposet the President who
you know lives in Robert Morris house. I delivered
your compliments as you wished to Mrs Washington
who received them affectionately and made many

enquirys after you. peggy has just left this city with
Mr. Rensselear having spent three weeks with
us she is in good health and spirits but bears no marks of
usefulness to the Commonwealth. I also continue
Idle. but pray my Lady what are you a bout all
this time with your grave enquierys about the success
of your Sisters Labours? Mr Hamilton and I
often talk a bout you with great pleasure and
earnestly wish that you could again be aded to our
little circle but we dare scarcely hope for so great a
happiness. We will not however despair of meeting
again on one or the other side of the Atlantic.

God bless you my dear Angelica Yours ever
Elizabeth Hamilton
Remember me affectionately to Mr. Church and the children.