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A Collection of Emblemes

Ancient and Moderne: Quickened VVith Metricall Illvstrations, both Morall and Divine: And disposed into Lotteries, That Instruction, and Good Counsell, may bee furthered by an Honest and Pleasant Recreation. By George Wither

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Illvstr. XXXVIII.
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Illvstr. XXXVIII.

[Forth of a Cloud (with Scale and Rule) extended]

False Weights, with Measures false eschew,
And, give to ev'ry man, their Due.

Forth of a Cloud (with Scale and Rule) extended
An Arme (for this next Emblem) doth appeare;
Which hath to us in silent-showes, commended,
A Vertue, that is often wanting, here.
The World, is very studious of Deceipts;
And, he is judged wisest, who deceives.
False-measures, and, Adulterated-weights,
Of many dues, the needy-man bereaves.
Ev'n Weights to sell, and, other Weights to buy
(Two sorts of weights) in practice are, with some;
And, both of these, they often falsifie,
That, they to great, and suddaine-wealth, may come.
But, Conscience make of raysing your estates,
By such a base, and such a wicked way:
For, this Injustice, God expressely hates;
And, brings, at last, such thrivers to decay.
By Weight and measure, He on all bestowes
The Portions due; That, Weight and Measure, then,
Which Man to God, or to his Neighbour owes,
Should, justly, be returned backe agen.
Give ev'ry one, in ev'ry thing his owne:
Give honour, where an honour shall be due;
Where you are loved, let your love be showne;
And, yield them succours, who have succour'd you.
Give to thy Children, breeding and Corrections;
Thy Charities, ev'n to thy Foes extend:
Give to thy Wife, the best of thy Affections;
To God, thy selfe, and, all thou hast, commend:
And, lest thou faile, Remember who hath sayd,
Such measure, as thou giv'st, shall be repay'd.