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A Collection of Emblemes

Ancient and Moderne: Quickened VVith Metricall Illvstrations, both Morall and Divine: And disposed into Lotteries, That Instruction, and Good Counsell, may bee furthered by an Honest and Pleasant Recreation. By George Wither

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Illvstr. XX.
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Illvstr. XX.

[If to his thoughts my Comments have assented]

Love, a Musician is profest,
And, of all Musicke, is the best.

If to his thoughts my Comments have assented,
By whom the following Emblem was invented,
I'le hereby teach you (Ladies) to discover
A true-bred Cupid, from a fained Lover;
And, shew (if you have Wooers) which be they,
That worth'est are to beare your Hearts away.
As is the Boy, which, here, you pictured see,
Let them be young, or let them, rather, be
Of suiting-yeares (which is instead of youth)
And, wooe you in the nakednesse, of Truth;
Not in the common and disguised Clothes,
Of Mimick-gestures, Complements, and Oathes.
Let them be winged with a swift Desire;
And, not with slow-affections, that will tyre.
But, looke to this, as to the principall,
That, Love doe make them truly Musicall:
For, Love's a good Musician; and, will show
How, every faithfull Lover may be so.
Each word he speakes, will presently appeare
To be melodious Raptures in your eare:
Each gesture of his body, when he moves,
Will seeme to play, or sing, a Song of Loves:
The very lookes, and motions of his eyes,
Will touch your Heart-strings, with sweet Harmonies;
And, if the Name of him, be but exprest,
T'will cause a thousand quaverings in your breast.
Nay, ev'n those Discords, which occasion'd are,
Will make your Musicke, much the sweeter, farre.
And, such a mooving Diapason strike,
As none but Love, can ever play the like.