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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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To the Right honorably honored and right wel-beloved yonge Earle of Essex &c.

Deere offspring of that all-belooued One,
Deere vnto all, to whom that one was deere;
The Orphanes God requites thy cause of mone
By Him, that doth to all like God appeere.
Al those that loue you (al-beloued Two)
Will blesse and loue him for it; blest of God
To comfort Innocents, and Orphanes too,
That ruin'd were by fell Disasters Rod.
Liue like His Sonne, that liv'd too like him selfe;
And dide like one, deere to Him without like;
He wrackt his fortunes on false Favors shelfe,
Which are this worlds; that smiles whē it doth strike.
And, that thou mai'st thy country glorifie
No lesse then hee, all pray; then needes must I.
I. D.