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Thomas Cole's poetry

the collected poems of America's foremost painter of the Hudson River School reflecting his feelings for nature and the romantic spirit of the Nineteenth Century

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The Cross

O Sacred symbol of our Faith!
Despised in this dark day
By those who leave the narrow path
To seek an easier way.
To there raise my streaming eyes
From Life's Tempestuous vale
Where Sin's deep midnight-shadow lies
And driving griefs assail.
Thou art the dawn to my blessed sight
That o'er the mountains breaks
Already by thy holy light
My soul triumphant wakes.
We know thy growing light a sign
The sun himself is nigh;
The sun of Righteousness divine
Ascends the glorious sky.
At Eve he sank beneath the shade;
But on dark Calvary's height
Thy form a moon refulgent made
By his transforming light—
Brighter and brighter grows the cross
The mountain-tops are gold
And o'er death's vally far across
The gorgeous light is rolled.