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Thomas Cole's poetry

the collected poems of America's foremost painter of the Hudson River School reflecting his feelings for nature and the romantic spirit of the Nineteenth Century

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[40. Thine early hopes are fading, one by one]

Thine early hopes are fading, one by one,
The brightest, loftiest are the first to die,
Grow faint or cold and perish mournfully.
As in the splendour of the laughing sun
Where mountains put their evening glory on
The burnish'd clouds do gladden all the sky
'Til sunk Day's orb (as my bright youth did merge)
The highest in the Zenith first is dead;
And so successive withering to the verge
Of the drear ocean, until night is spread
And winds and waves chaunt forth their funeral dirge.
Yet thus benighted! Youth's false visions fled!
One changeless Hope remains to cheer my breast,
A lasting Day shall dawn in the resplendant East.
Catskill March 28, 1838