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p. 276 Morte Darthur ] Morte D'Arthur

p. 276 Volumes 1-34. ] Volumes 1-33.


Page 271

Notes on Contributors

Martin C. Battestin is William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of English at the University of Virginia. With his wife, Ruthe, who specializes in documentary research, he is preparing a biography of Fielding. His edition of Amelia will be published shortly in the Wesleyan-Oxford University Press edition of the Works.

G. Thomas Tanselle, Vice-President of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, is one of the editors of the Northwestern-Newberry Edition of Melville.

Peter J. Lucas, NUI Statutory Lecturer in Old and Middle English at University College Dublin, has published an edition of the Old English poem Exodus (1977) and various articles on Medieval English language and literature. He has just completed an edition of Capgrave's Abbreuiacion of Cronicles.

Gary Taylor is Associate Editor of the Oxford Shakespeare now in preparation. The Clarendon Press recently published Modernizing Shakespeare's Spelling, by the General Editor, Dr. Stanley Wills, to which Dr. Taylor contributed "Three Studies in the Text of Henry V."

Peter Shillingsburg is Professor of English at Mississippi State University. He is general editor of a new edition of Thackeray's works in preparation, and has published on Thackeray in PBSA, HLQ, Costerus, and the Book Collector.

Edgar F. Shannon, Jr., Commonwealth Professor of English at the University of Virginia, is the author of a book and other articles on Tennyson. With Cecil Lang, he is co-editor of the poet's letters, which are being published by the Oxford University Press.

Dennis E. Rhodes, Assistant Keeper, The British Library, London, specializes in incunabula and the history of printing in Italy up to 1700. His catalogue of the incunabula in all Oxford libraries except the Bodleian is now printing at the Oxford University Press.

Fredson Bowers is Linden Kent Professor of English Emeritus at the University of Virginia. He is currently occupied as Textual Editor of the multi-volumed ACLS edition of The Works of William James published by the Harvard University Press.

J. C. Eade is Research Fellow in the Humanities Research Centre at the


Page 272
Australian National University. He is currently working on a handbook of Renaissance astrology for the use of literary scholars.

J. P. Feather, who was A. H. Munby Fellow in Bibliography at Cambridge University in 1978-79, is Lecturer in the Department of Library and Information Studies at Loughborough University, Leicestershire. He is engaged on a study of the English provincial book trade in the eighteenth century.

Arthur Sherbo, Professor of English at Michigan State University, is the author of several books on eighteenth-century literature. He is currently working on a study of mid-eighteenth and early nineteenth-century commentators on Shakespeare and also a separate book on George Steevens.

G. E. Bentley, Jr., of the University of Toronto, has published Blake Records (1969), Blake Books (1977), William Blake's Writings (1978), and works on John Flaxman, George Cumberland, and on the Eighteenth-Century Novel.

G. D. Hargreaves is Rare Book Librarian at St. Andrews University Library and editor of The Bibliotheck.

Valerie A. Dodd has an M.A. and a B.Litt. from the University of Oxford. Formerly a research assistant for the late F. W. Bateson, she is currently teaching in Oxford for the Junior Year programs of several American universities. She is working on articles on the early translation of the work of Friedrich Strauss, and George Eliot's response to the literature of the late 1840s.

W. D. Paden was Professor of English at the University of Kansas. His collection of Tennyson materials has been donated to the Spencer Research Library at that university.

Louis Daniel Brodsky businessman and poet, has had poetry appear in the, Texas Quarterly, Harper's Magazine, the Literary Review, the Ball State Forum, Kansas Quarterly, Four Quarters, and the American Scholar. The Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1980 contains three of his poems.


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  • President, Irby B. Cauthen, Jr., Wilson Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • First Vice President, Kendon L. Stubbs, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Second Vice President, Walker Cowen, 211 Sprigg Lane, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Editor, Fredson Bowers, Route 11, Box 7, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Ray W. Frantz, Jr., University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Executive Secretary, Patricia B. Shutts, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Hon. Secretary-Treasurer for the British Isles, Mrs. Douglas Wyllie, Westbrae, Libo Ave., Uplawmoor, G78 4AL Glasgow, Scotland


  • Julius Barclay (1981)
  • Fredson Bowers (1984)
  • Mary O. Massey (1982)
  • Kendon L. Stubbs (1985)
  • I. B. Cauthen, Jr. (1983)
  • Walker Cowen (1986)
  • Ruthe R. Battestin (1987)


  • Chalmers L. Gemmill
  • Atcheson L. Hench
  • Linton R. Massey
  • Kendon L. Stubbs

Studies in Bibliography is issued annually by the Society in addition to various bibliographical pamphlets and monographs.

Membership in the Society is solicited according to the following categories:

Subscribing Members at $15.00 a year receive Studies in Bibliography and other bibliographical material issued without charge by the Society. Institutions as well as private persons are accepted in this class of membership.

Contributing Members at $75 a year receive all publications, and by their contributions assist in furthering the work of the Society. Institutions are accepted. Articles and notes are invited by the editor. Preferably these should conform to the recommendations of the Modern Language Association of America Style Sheet. The Society will consider the publication of bibliographical monographs for separate issue.

All matters pertaining to business affairs, including applications for membership, should be sent to the Executive Secretary, Patricia B. Shutts, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22901.


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  • National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia
  • C. Waller Barrett, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Robert Beare, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford, England
  • The British Library, London, England
  • Curt F. BÜhler, New York City
  • University Library, Cambridge, England
  • Roger Creet, Berkeley, California
  • Jack Dalton, New York City
  • Rolf E. Du Rietz, Upsala, Sweden
  • Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Robert Horace Garbee, Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Globe & Anchor Book Company, St. Augustine, Florida
  • Anthony P. Grech, New York City
  • University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Hunter Hughes, Washington, D.C.
  • University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
  • Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Wallace Kirsop, Victoria, Australia
  • University College, London, England
  • Paul Mellon, Upperville, Virginia
  • Melvin M. McCosh, Excelsior, Minnesota
  • Davis W. Moore, Denver, Colorado
  • Howard S. Mott, Sheffield, Massachusetts
  • New York State University Fredonia, New York
  • University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington
  • Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • Otto Schaefer, Schweinfurt, Germany
  • S. R. Shapiro, New York City
  • Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois
  • G. Thomas Tanselle, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Robert A. Tibbetts, Columbus, Ohio
  • Mrs. E. Alban Watson, Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Ray Lewis White, Normal, Illinois
  • Miss Julia Wightman, New York City
  • E. W. Williams, Houston, Texas


Page 275


Distributed by the University Press of Virginia

Former publications of the Society not listed here are out of print. Those wishing a complete list of them should see the annual lists in successive volumes of Studies. Members will receive a 20 per cent discount on all publications. Orders should be addressed to the University Press of Virginia, P. O. Box 3608, University Station, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903, U.S.A.

Blehl, Vincent Ferrer, S. J., John Henry Newman, A Bibliographical Catalogue of His Writings. $17.50.

Bloomfield, B. C., and Mendelson, Edward, W. H. Auden, A Bibliography, 1924-1969. $20.00.

Bowers, Fredson, Essays in Bibliography, Text, and Editing. $30.00.

Bristol, Roger P., Index to supplement to Evans' American Bibliography. $15.00.

Bristol, Roger P., Supplement to Evans' American Bibliography. $35.00.

Christophers, Richard A., George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1562-1633: A Bibliography. $7.50.

Crane, Stephen, Notebook, ed. by Donald and Ellen Greiner. $7.50.

Dameron, J. Lasley, and Cauthen, Irby B., Jr., Edgar Allan Poe: A Bibliography of Criticism 1827- 1967. $20.00.

Evans, G. Blakemore, editor, Shakespearean Prompt-Books of the Seventeenth Century. Volume III: Parts i and ii (The Comedy of Errors; Midsummer Night's Dream). $15.00. Vol. V. Text of the Smock Alley Macbeth. $25.00. Vol. VI: Text of the Smock Alley Othello. $25.00.

Fadiman, Regina, Faulkner's Light in August. $12.50.

Fry, Donald, Beowulf and The Fight at Finnsburh: A Bibliography. $12.50.

Hamblin, Robert W., & Brodsky, Louis Daniel, Selections from the William Faulkner Collection of Louis Daniel Brodsky: A Descriptive Catalog. (Published in conjunction with Southeast Missouri State University.) $17.50

Herring, Phillip, editor, Joyce's Notes and Early Drafts for Ulysses: Selections from the Buffalo Collection. $42.50.

Herring, Philip, editor, Joyce's Ulysses Notesheets in the British Museum. $37.50.

Hirsch, Rudolf, and Heaney, Howell, Selective Check Lists of Bibliographical Scholarship, 1948-1955. $20.00. (Vol. X of the Studies.) ($17.50 to members.)

Hirsch, Rudolf, and Heaney, Howell, Selective Check Lists of Bibliographical Scholarship, Series B, 1956-1962. $20.00.

Hodnett, Edward, Aesop in England. $20.00.

Huss, Richard, The Development of Printers' Mechanical Typesetting Methods, 1822-1925. $17.50.


Page 276

Life, Page West, Sir Thomas Malory and the Morte D'Arthur: A Survey of Scholarship and Annotated Bibliography. $13.50.

MacMahon, Candice W., Elizabeth Bishop, A Bibliography. $20.00.

Massey, Linton R., William Faulkner, "Man Working," 1919-1962: A Catalogue of the William Faulkner Collections at the University of Virginia. $25.00.

Maynard, Joe, and Miles, Barry, William S. Burroughs, A Bibliography, 1953-73. Signed, $50.00; unsigned, $15.00.

Partridge, A. C., A Substantive Grammar of Shakespeare's Nondramatic Texts. $22.50.

Polk, Noel, William Faulkner, The Marionettes. Trade edition, $9.75.

Ross, Charles L., The Composition of The Rainbow and Women in Love. $13.50.

Spalek, John M., Guide to the Archival Materials of the German-Speaking Emigration to the United States After 1933. $27.50.

Studies in Bibliography, Volumes 1-33. $16.00 each to members; $20.00 to nonmembers.

Tanselle, G. Thomas, The Editing of Historical Documents. $2.50.

Tanselle, G. Thomas, Selected Studies in Bibliography. $15.00.

Tarr, Rodger, Thomas Carlyle, A Bibliography of English-Language Criticism, 1824-1974. $15.00.

List of Publications

Page List of Publications


Except where otherwise noted, order from University Press of Virginia, Box 3608, University Station, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

M.A. Shaaber. Check-list of Works of British Authors Printed Abroad, in Languages other than English, to 1641. New York, 1975. $15.00.

Denis B. Woodfield. Surreptitious Printing in England, 1550-1640. Cloth. New York, 1973. $17.50.

Frederick R. Goff. Incunabula in American Libraries-A Supplement to the Third Census of Fifteenth-Century Books Recorded in North American Collections. Cloth. New York, 1972. $10.00. (Please note: the Third Census is now available only as a reprint of Mr. Goff's annotated copy, from Kraus Reprint Corporation, Route 100, Millwood, New York 10564, $35.00.)

Margaret B. Stillwell. The Beginning of the World of Books, 1450 to 1470. Cloth. New York, 1972. $10.00.

Donald D. Eddy. A Bibliography of John Brown. Cloth. New York, 1971. $7.50.

Margaret B. Stillwell. The Awakening Interest in Science during the First Century of Printing 1450-1550. Cloth. New York, 1970. $25.00.

The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America. (PBSA)
Current subscriptions: $15.00 per annum.
Vols. 65 (1971) and ante, and preceding and related journals on: Inquire of Kraus Reprint Corporation.

Hazel T. Johnson. A Checklist of New London, Connecticut, Imprints 1709- 1800. Cloth. Virginia, 1978. $25.00.

Sidney L. Gulick. A Chesterfield Bibliography to 1800. Cloth. Virginia, 1979. $30.00.

The Bibliographical Society of America, 1904-79-A Retrospective Collection. Cloth. Virginia, 1980. $20.00.

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