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I am indebted to the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Temple University Research Committee for grants enabling me to pursue this study, to the circulation staffs and photographers of the Folger, Harvard, and University of Pennsylvania libraries for repeated assistance, and to Dr. Allan Stevenson for his wise counsel and the benefit of his vast general knowledge of this subject which have made the study a richer one than I alone could have achieved.


Edward Arber, A Transcript of the Registers of the Company of Stationers of London, 1554-1640 (1875-1894), III, 702-703. Hereafter cited as Arber.


A Dictionary of Printers and Booksellers in England . . . 1557-1640 (1910), and Printers' and Publishers' Devices in England and Scotland 1485-1640 (1913). Hereafter the first will be cited as Dictionary 1485-1640, and the second as McKerrow, Devices.


A Dictionary of the Booksellers end Printers Who Were at Work in England...1641-1667 (1907). Hereafter cited as Dictionary 1641-1667.


"John Wolfe, Printer and Publisher 1579-1601," Library, 4h ser., XIV (1933), 241-288.


Bibliographical Studies in the Beaumont & Fletcher Folio of 1647 (1938), pp. 17-18.


"The 1631 Quarto of The Tragedy of Hoffman," Library, 5th ser., VI (1951), 93-94


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Ibid., p. 76.


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I am indebted to Professor H. R. Hoppe for examining copies of these initials and confirming my ascription of them to Wolfe.


Initial P3 used by Wilson in 1655 resembles closely No. 19 in H. R. Hoppe, op. cit., p. 283.


McKerrow, Devices, nos. 82, 96, 115, 116-117.


Dictionary 1557-1640, p. 251.


For these facts and the date of termination of the Snowdon-Okes partnership taken from the Stationers' Company Court Book C, I am indebted to Mr. W. A. Jackson.


Joseph Foster, London Marriage Licenses (1887), cols. 989-990. I am obliged to Dr. Allan Stevenson for calling my attention to this and later references to Foster.


I have found invaluable here and elsewhere the assistance of P. G. Morrison's S.T.C. Index of Printers, Publishers and Booksellers (1950).


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. Calendar of State Papers Domestic, Chas. I, XII, 73. Hereafter cited as CSPD.


I came upon only one book (S.T.C. 13660) among those which I examined signed by Norton in the years 1628-1636, that contained all unfamiliar decorations.


Commissary Court of London, Act Book, no. 19 (1639-1647).


Dictionary 1641-1667, p. 139.


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Archdeaconry Court of London, 1600-1645, A.B. 7. 149.




The large number of books which Wilson printed in relatively few years suggests that he had acquired a second press, possibly in 1653, the year in which Court Book C, p. 287b, records his request to the Company for a £50 loan. A survey of London printing houses in 1668 (SPD, Chas. II, vol. 243 (July 12-24, 1668), no. 181) credits Wilson's far less active successor, Edward Okes, with two presses, both of which he doubtless received from Wilson.


Stationers' Company, Apprentices Bound, Set Over, etc., 1615-1627.


Arber, IV, 200, 497. Dr. Stevenson called these entries to my attention.


Much of the first part of Wilson's will is devoted to setting down the details of a large bequest for his daughter Sarah, by 1665 the wife of Christopher Chalfont, clerk.


Stationers' Company, Court Book C, p. 238b.


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Ibid., with notation inserted later.


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SPD, Chas. II, vol. 243, no. 181.


P.C.C. (1673) 62 Pye.


Eyre and Rivington, op. cit., II, 462-463.


Marginal note later inserted on Wilson's will (P.C.C. (1665) 56 Hyde.)


R. C. Bald, op. cit., pp. 17-19. Knowing that White was active as a printer in 1647 and discovering in the Beaumont and Fletcher folio some of the decorations which White employed in his books after 1673 Professor Bald assumed inaccurately that White was one of the folio printers.


SPD, Chas. II, vol. 243, no. 181.


White's will (P.C.C. (1678) 81 Reeve) was drawn on June 29, 1678, and probated five days later on July 4.