University of Virginia Library



In the Check List entry for 1325, confirm CSmH and TxU, and add CLUC and ICU. In the entry for 1326 capitalize "wife" and add IU, MB, MH, MiU, and OCU.


As a further identifying point, no. 881 reads "Russel-Street" in the imprint, but 822 "Russel-Street." Under 881 confirm PU and add CtY, ViU; under 882 add IEN, IU, and MH.


That these few agreements of 880 and 882 do not result from the setting of 882 by two compositors, one holding a copy of 880 and the other 881, is demonstrated by the fact that elsewhere on the pages containing these variants, the pattern of the other accidentals derives from 881 and not 880.