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Data and dates from Alfred Harbage, Annals of English Drama (1940).


THE | LIFE OF | THE | DVTCHES | OF | SVFFOLKE. | [rule] | As it hath beene divers and sundry | times acted, with good applause. | [rule] | [printer's ornament] | [rule] | Imprinted by A.M. for Iasper Emory, at the | Flowerdeluce in Paules-Church-|yard. 1631.


Thomas Allen, History and Antiquities of London (1839), III, 506 f.; see also W. W. Hutchings, London Town Past and Present (1909), I, 322 ff., 330.


See MacFlecknoe, lines 66-71; see also Alexander Smith, Rejected Addresses (1812), p. 47.


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W. H. Frere, The Marian Reaction (1896), p. 187.


For an incomplete list, see, by the present author, "John Foxe and The Conflict of Conscience," Review of English Studies, XXV (1949), 1-9.


J. F. Mozley (John Foxe and his Book, 1940, pp. 48 f.) is therefore, like the dramatist, probably wrong in assuming that Foxe had direct contact with the Duchess on the continent.


John Foxe, Acts and Monuments, ed. Josiah Pratt [1877], VIII, 569-576.


Article on Richard Bertie.


Edition of 1587, III, 1142 ff. It is possible that the dramatist used Holinshed as his direct source; but there were in existence when the play was written five editions of Foxe containing the account of the Duchess, and only one of Holinshed with the same story. The most recent Holinshed was of 1587; the most recent Foxe, 1610.


STRANGE | HISTORIES, | Of Kings, Princes, Dukes | Earles, Lords, Ladies, Knights, | and Gentlemen. | With the great troubles and miseries of the | Dutches of Suffolke. | . . . | LONDON | Printed by William Barley, the assigne | of T.M. . . . | 1602. | Cum Priuilegio.


Foxe, idem, p. 596.


Idem, p. 595.


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