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letter 4


Having received Information, that the Laws of the United States are published in the Newspapers of some of the States by your Order, at the Expence of Government—and that it was in Contemplation to have it done in each State,—I would by Leave, in Case of such a Determination, to offer the United States Chronicle for that Purpose, upon the same Terms as are allowed to others.—Our Paper has the most extensive Circulation of any in the State, and no Attention of mine shall be wanting, to have the Work well done.—The Obligation conferred on me, in Case our Paper is made Use of, will be gratefully acknowledged; by, Sir, y.r ob.t

and very hml sev.t
Bennett Wheeler
Hon. T. Jefferson, Es.
Secrty of State.
[On the back, in Jefferson's hand: 'Wheeler Bennett. | rec.d Sep. 26.' An unknown hand adds '26 Aug.t 1790' below.]