University of Virginia Library



Dr. E. A. Alderman, President,
University of Virginia,
Charlottesville, Va.
Dear Dr. Alderman:-

I have thought for sometime that I wanted
to do something for my Alma Mater - the University of
Virginia - to which I owe so much; but when the drive was
on for the University I had been in the Army for more than
two years with my personal and family expenses more than three
times what my income was and I was not certain about the

In my opinion there is already a shortage
of doctors in the United States and in the near future the
need of physicians will be more acute and I would like to
do something to help some young man to take up the study
of medicine at the University of Virginia. I therefore desire
to establish a scholarship, at the University, of $1,000.00,
payable in ten annual payments of $100.00 each, without
interest, due on September 1st of each year; this scholarship
to be known as the Dr. Charles Hooks Harris scholarship in
memory of my father. The $100.00 a year is to be loaned by the
University of Virginia to a student in the Medical-Department,
the loan to bear interest at 4% and to be paid back to
the University within four years after graduation of the
student receiving the scholarship. A perpetual fund may
be established in this way to be used to aid young men from
the South in the study of medicine.

I was born and reared at Cedartown, Georgia,
and if there is a student residing in Cedartown studying
medicine, I would prefer the loan to be made to him; the
student to receive the loan to be selected by the Superintendent
and Principal of the High School of the Cedartown public
schools and my brother J. C. Harris, Superintendent of the
Georgia School for the Deaf, Cave Springs, Georgia. If no
student from Cedartown desires this loan, it is to be given
out by the University at the discretion of the President and
Dean of the Medical Department of the University.

There is need for many such scholarships
and there are many young men who would go to college if they
could get $100 or $200 a year help. If this fact can be shown
to our alumni, many will gladly give a hundred dollars a year


to such a fund.

I am hoping that you will be visiting Birmingham
sometime and, if so, will be delighted to entertain you in
my home.

With best wishes for the University, and for yourself
personally, I am

Sincerely yours,
Seale Harris

On motion the meeting then adjourned.

[signed] C. Harding Walker
[signed] E. I. Carruthers