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The donor doth herewith deliver, assign, set over and
transfer to said Trustees the sum of Five Thousand Dollars
($5,000.00) or its equivalent, in good securities, for
the purpose of founding and maintaining at the University
of Virginia, ascholarship to be known as the Thomas Pinckney
Bryan Memorial Scholarship, and said Trustees shall hold said
fund in trust, invest the same, and apply the income in
accordance with the conditions set out as follows:

1. The said Trustees are empowered to invest the sum of
Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) if delivered to them in cash
by the donor, in such manner as they deem fit, without being
restricted to those securities expressly provided by law
for judiciary funds, with the power to sell and reinvest at
their discretion.

2. If the donor delivers to the Trustees securities
to represent the said sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00)
instead of cash, then said Trustees are empowered to retain
the securities so delivered, or, at their discretion, to sell
them and reinvest the proceeds, with power to resell and reinvest,
all in accordance with the powers conferred by paragraph
No. 1 above.

3. The income from said fund shall be applied by the
Trustees to the support and tuition at the University of
Virginia of such person as may be nominated for that purpose as
a holder of a scholarship from the Episcopal High School of
Virginia under the terms hereafter provided, to-wit.


(a) The beneficiary or recipient of said Scholarship shall
be designated by the Principal of the Episcopal High School
of Virginia after consultation with such members of the
Faculty and such of the older students as to the Principal
may seem desirable, and with the approval of the donor.
Such designation is to be made annually, provided, however,
that upon the recommendation of the Principal, and with the
approval of the Donor, the recipient of said Scholarship may
be re-appointed annually to succeed himself, but in no case
shall any one appointed receive the benefit of said Scholarship
for more than three regular scholastic years at the University
of Virginia.

(b) Upon the death of the Donor, unless she shall
designate by will or other testamentary writing some one to
act as her successor in approving the recommendation of the
said Principal of the Episcopal High School of Virginia, then
said approval shall be exercised by the Bishop of the Diocese
of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Virginia.

(c) In the appointment of the Boy for this Scholarship,
the Donor desires that the character, the leadership and the
scholarship, and the promise of growth of the recipient be
considered, with especial reference to those who but for such
assistance would otherwise be deprived of the opportunity
of a college education.

(d) In case at any time the Episcopal High School of
Virginia shall cease to exist and operate as a school, then
the income from the said Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00)
so held in trust as aforesaid, shall be applied for the purpose
of maintaining a Scholarship at the University of
Virginia as above set forth, the beneficiary of said Scholarship
to be chosen by the Principal of the senior public High
School of the City of Richmond, Virginia, upon the terms
and by the method set forth for the designation of the
Scholarship from the Episcopal High School of Virginia.

(e) The Donor reserves to herself the right to change the
method of selection of the holder of said Scholarship at such
time and in such manner during her lifetime, or by will, as
to the said Donor may seem desirable.

Witness the following signature and seal, this 28 day
of June, 1923.

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M. McGuire