University of Virginia Library


Isaac Cary Scholarship

George A. Pierce in place of Henry M. Ware -(appointed May 31)

William C. Folkes Scholarships

Fendall L. Gregory  (Reappointment) 
Mike Jones, Jr.  (Reappointment) 
Preston Nowlin  (New) 
W. M. Bass  (New) 

Samuel Miller Scholarship

Murrary Spicer


Phelps-Stokes Fellowship

W. H. Brown

Skinner Scholarships

T. G. Akeley

J. L. Belote

Charles D. Carter

W. Gerow Christian

E. C. Field

W. E. Johnson

E. F. Kloman

William H. Laird

J. Lindsay Patton

A. L. Ribble

W. L. Ribble

G. W. Shirley

W. B. Stabler

Clifford L. Stanley

Stephen Webster

Rives Fellowship

E. C. Ross is appointed in place of Hugh Warren