University of Virginia Library


I, Este Coffinberry, of the City of South San Francisco,
County of San Mateo, State of California, being in sound mind
and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this my last
will in manner and form as follows, that is to say:

FIRST, I direct the payment of all of my just debts
and funeral expenses.

SECOND. I request my executor, hereinafter named, to
deposit my Meissen porcelain bearing the Saxon Coat of Arms
in some museum which he shall choose, and cause said porcelain
to be placed in the Ceramic Collection under the name of Marie
E. Richard and to be duly labeled and cased at the expense of
such museum.

THIRD. I give, devise and bequeath all my other household
furniture and all my clothing to W. H. Coffinberry of the
City of South San Francisco, County of San Mateo, State of

FOURTH. I give, devise and bequeath all my other property,
real and personal, of whatsoever nature the same may be, or
wheresoever situated, of which I may die possessed, or to which
I may be entitled, to the Board of Visitors of the University
of Virginia to be used by them for the following purposes:

The founding of a lectureship that shall be called the
James W. Richard lectureship in Christian Religion, said
lectureship being subject to the conditions herein stated.
The lecturer shall be a man of Evangelic faith and of international
reputation as a scholar in the department of theology
or religion from which his subject is selected. He shall hold
the lectureship for not less than Two (2) years. The lecturer


shall be at liberty to choose his subject within the range
of Christianity, providing the subject matter pertains to
the advancement and application of the principles of the gospels.

The lecturer shall be required to deliver publicly at
the University of Virginia a course of lectures, not less than
Ten (10) in number on the chosen subject, just before the expiration
of the term for which he is appointed, at such time
and place as the faculty of said University shal direct.
He shall be required to print and publish at his own expense
not less than Five Hundred (500) copies of his lecture within
Six (6) months from the time of their delivery; and he shall
be further required to deposit three (3) copies in the library
of the said University of Virginia, and One (10) copy in the
library of each of the institutions names as follows:

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania,
Wittenberg College at Springfield, Ohio, Carthage
College at Carthage, Illinois; Midland College at Atchison,
Kansas. The form ans style of this publication shall be regulated
by the trustees in which this foundation shall vest.

Half of the money to be paid to the lecturer for his course
of lectures shall be withheld until the said lectures are published
in a manner satisfactory to the trustees in which this
foundation and the above mentioned deposits are made.

FIFTH. It is my hope and present expectation that I shall
be able at my decease to leave a fund larger and more valuable
than will suffice to provide for the above mentioned lectureship.
In such case should the funds of my estate prove sufficient,
it is further my will that another lectureship be founded
under exactly the same conditions as the lectureship above
set forth as to founding, number of lectures, printing and
publishing as well as depositing printed volumes. The lecturer
appointed shall also be a man of international reputation whose
published work shall be generally valuable to the world.

This second lectureship shall treat comparatively and
exhaustively some period of history, and I suggest that a
course be laid out to be treated consecutively by various
special lectures and properly adjusted to the work of said
University and its several departments. The long course of
lectures delivered by various men at various times should
be adjusted so as to avoid repetition and give to the public
a set of volumes valuable both as to facts and illuminating
treatment. It is my desire that mere copyists be excluded
and that men should be found who know historical sources and
love to tell the truths there recorded and who will not
distort them for a purpose.


This lectureship shall be called the James W. Richard
Lectureship of Comparative History.

SIXTH. I nominate and appoint W. H. Coffinberry, of
South San Francisco, County of San Mateo, State of California,
executor of this my last will and testament and request that
he may be permitted to serve as such executor without bonds.
I hereby authorize the said W. H. Coffinberry to sell any
property which may belong to my estate with out an order of
court therefore, either at public or private sale, and with
or without notice, as the said W. H. Coffinberry may determine.
I hereby revoke any and all former wills by me made.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and seal
this 30th day of October, 1920.

illustration[Description: ESTE Coffinberry (SEAL)]

The Bursar having communicated to the Board the probability
of having to borrow to meet current needs, awaiting the receipt
of certain income, the following resolution was adopted:

RESOLVED, That the Bursar be and is hereby authorized
and empowered to borrow from the local banks from time to
time and in such sums as may be necessary to meet current
needs of the University, and in anticipation of current income,
not to exceed the sum of $40,000; and such notes as may be
executed by him for said purpose shall be paid as promptly
as may be out of the income of the University available therefor,
and he shall report to each and every subsequent meeting
of this Board the total amount borrowed under this authority
unpaid at such time.

On motion the meeting then adjourned.

[signed] John Stewart Bryan,
[signed] E. I. Carruthers,