University of Virginia Library


The annual meeting of the Rector and Visitors was held
on this date with Visitors John Stewart Bryan, Goodrich Hatton.
Harding Walker, Geo. R. B. Michie, Judge J. K. M. Norton,
Alex. F. Robertson present. The Rector being absent, Mr.
Hatton was elected to preside. President Alderman, who was
unable to be present, requested Dean Page to act in his place
and present the docket.

The minutes of the meeting of May 1st, copies of which
had been sent to the several members, were approved.

The Board, having given up Pavilion I, West Lawn, as its
home, directed the secretary to see that arrangements were made
with the Colonnade Club for the entertainment of the members
when attending meetings of the Board.

Requests from Prof. W. H. Faulkner and Prof. Ivey F. Lewis


concerning repairs to Pavilions I and II were referred to
a special committee, consisting of Mr. Michie, the President,
Dr. Lambeth, Prof. Newcomb, and Mr. Carruthers, with power
to act.

The request of Miss Craig-Anderson, Superintendent of
Nurses, and Dr. Theodore Hough, Dean of the Medical Department,
that the furniture in the Board House be transferred
to the hospital for use in the Randall Building, which has
been assigned to the hospital as a Nurses' Home, was granted
and the secretary was directed to make said transfer, retaining,
however, such articles as may be needed for the comfort of the
Board at the Colonnade Club.

The following resolution concerning the University of
Virginia Bas Hospital Unit No. 41 was adopted:

At its meeting, June 7th, 1919, the General Faculty
of the University of Virginia voted that the following minutes
be sent to each member of Base Hospital Unit # 41.

"The President and Faculty of the University of Virginia
wish to express to each member of Base Hospital No. 41 their
pride in the record made by this representative of the University
in France and their satisfaction at your safe return.
We watched with interest and growing pleasure the origin, organization,
and progress of our Unit; and we envy your your
opportunity for immediate service to our soldiers at the front.

"We hope that it will be possible for you to assemble again
as a unit at no distant date in this common home of all of us,


in order that we may express in a personal manner our appreciation
of your work in the cause of human liberty, a service
which adds another chapter to the history of the University
of Virginia in the service of mankind. Meanwhile we would convey
to each and all of your our congratulations upon your
record of successful and honorable achievement and our proud
appreciation of your organization as a representative of this
University in active military service."

The Rector and Visitors of the University, at their meeting
on June 10th, passed the following resolution regarding
the action of the President and Faculty:

"The Rector and Visitors have heard with pleasure the
resolution by the President and Faculty of the University
concerning the University of Virginia Base Hospital No. 41,
and desire to express their hearty agreement with these resolutions
and to order that they be placed as a permanent minute
upon the records of the Institution."

The following resolution concerning the appointment of
Prof. E. P. Dunnington as Curator of the Mallet Museum
was adopted:

RESOLVED, That Professor F. P. Dunnington be given such space
in the Chemical Laboratory as is necessary for his use, and
that he be made Curator of the Mallet Museum in this laboratory.

(Note): No salary will be attached to this appointment,
under rules of the Carnegie Foundation on which Prof. Dunnington
has retired.)


The following resolution concerning the resignation
of Adjunct Prof. E. F. Shewmake, Jr., was adopted:

RESOLVED: That the Rector and Visitors of the University accept
with regret the resignation of Prof. E. F. Shewmake, Jr.,
Adjunct Professor of English at the University, who goes to
accept a full professorship of English at Davidson College.
Prof. Shewmake's career here was marked by attention to duty,
scholarship, and very high quality of teaching; and the
President and Board of Visitors wish for him great usefulness
at the old college which is so closely related to Virginia.

The following resolution concerning the resignation of Mr.
Howard Winston, Registrar, was adopted:

RESOLVED: That the Rector and Visitors of the University accept
with regret the resignation of Mr. Howard Winston, who has
for the past sixteen years been Registrar of the University.
The Institution is under great obligation to him for his
constancy and duty-doing work, and begs him to accept their
good wishes upon his retirement.

The question of demolishing the old brick building located
on Main Street, just east of the C. & O. bridge and known as the
old Dispensary, was referred to the Grounds and Buildings Committee
with power to act.

The proposal of the University Shop, Incorporated, to lease
the central room in the Entrance Building for a term of five
years was referred to the Grounds and Buildings Committee
with power to act.


The following resolution designating the Trust Department
of the Peoples National Bank of Charlottesville as an
additional trustee and depository of the University was

RESOLVED, That the Trust Department of the Peoples National
Bank of Charlottesville be designated as an additional trustee
and depository of the University of Virginia; said trustee
to hold and invest such funds under the direction of the
Finance Committee and to collect the income on said securities
and to remit therefor in January and July of each year; and that
the Finance Committee examine the securities and funds now held
by the Bursar and direct the deposit of such securities and funds
as the committee deems desirable with the Trust Department of
the Peoples National Bank of Charlottesville as Trustee, upon
the terms and conditions set out in the above resolution relative
to the creation of said bank as a local trustee.

Upon the recommendation of the President, the following
promotions in the faculty were made, to take effect the session of

  • Adj. Prof. Chas. Wakefield Paul to Associate Professor of
    Public Speaking.

  • Adj. Prof. Jas. Cook Bardin, M. D., to Associate Professor
    of Romanic Languages.

  • Adj. Prof. John J. Luck, M. A., Ph. D., to Associate Professor
    of Mathematics.

  • Adj. Prof. John Henry Neff, B.A., M.D., to Associate Professor
    of Genito-Urinary Surgery.

  • Adj. Prof. W. P. Graham, M. A., to Associate Professor of
    Romanic Languages.

  • 317

  • Instructor Tipton R. Snavely, M.A., to Adjunct Professor
    of Economics.

The following resolution concerning the suspension of the
contingent deposit regulation was adopted:

WHEREAS, the establishment of the S.A.T.C. Unit at the
University of Virginia for the session 1918-19, made it impracticable
to collect from the members of said unit the
usual contingent deposit, and

WHEREAS, it has been demonstrated to the officers of the
University during said session, that the deposit of $10.00,
known as the contingent deposit and heretofore required of
each student to cover the cost of breakage and damage to
property and library fines, with the option to subscribe
from said deposit to the Chapel, Magazine, Law Review, and
the Virginia Union, is no longer essential for the recovery
of damage to property or to protect the library against loss,
or to provide working funds for the other activities as mentioned,
therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the regulation with regard to the contingent
deposit be suspended until further directions by the Board.

Upon the recommendation of the several professors and
with the approval of the President, the following instructors,
assistant, student assistants, and fellows were ratified by
the Board.

    School of Chemistry

  • J. H. Robertson, Instructor

  • 318

  • L. S. Cannon, Fellow.

  • Z. U. LeTellier, Fellow.

  • N. E. Oglesby, Fellow.

  • William O. Swan, Fellow.

  • G. O. Thurmond, Fellow.

  • J. H. Coleman, Fellow.

  • H. M. Gibbons, Fellow.

  • A. C. Young, Student Assistant.

  • E. H. Herrmann, Student Assistant.

  • C. B. Tavenner, Student Assistant.

  • J. O. Porter, Student Assistant.

  • R. M. Warren, Student Assistant.

  • W. T. Jenkins, Student Assistant.

  • J. S. Cunningham, Student Assistant.

    School of Economics

  • R. C. Arant, Instructor, Political Science.

  • F. W. Davies, Assistant in Economics.

    School of English Literature.

  • C. H. Huffman, Instructor and Board of Visitors Fellowship.

  • A. C. Gordon, Jr. Instructor and Board of Visitors Fellowship.

  • Roy L. Garis, Assistant in English Literature.

    School of Geology

  • S. Philip Holt, Instructor.

  • A. S. Furcron, Assistant.

    School of Greek.

  • J. S. McLemore, Instructor.


    School of Latin.

  • Ernest L. Lehman 1st Instructor.

  • Lyttleton Waddell, 2nd Instructor.

    School of French.

  • E. L. Lehman, Instructor.

    Department of Medicine.

  • Patton K. Pierce, Assistant in Histology and Embryology.

  • Raymong A. Vonderlehr, Assistant in Materia Medica &

  • Dr. Dudly C. Smith, Instructor in Clinical Medicine.

  • Dr. J. B. Setzler, Instructor in Clinical Medicine.

    School of Biology.

  • W. C. Whitlock, Instructor.

  • B. D. Reynolds, Assistant.

  • Conway Zirkle, Assistant.

The following nominations for fellowships and scholarships
were ratified by the Board:

Ryan Scholarships.



First District  R. F. Landon, Cobbs Creek, Va. 
Second District  R. W. Byrd, Norfolk, Va. 
Third District  G. A. Wilson, Richmond, Va. 
Fourth District  A. B. Parker, Jarrett, Va. 
Fifth District  S. B. Berkeley, Danville, Va. 
Sixth District  N. J. Painter, Roanoke, Va. 
Seventh District  J. A. Kater, Winchester, Va. 
Eighth District  C. B. Sullivan, Alexandira, Va. 
Ninth District  L. E. Akers, Snowville, Va. 
Tenth District  G. C. Campbell, Mill Gap, Va. 
Garrett Scholarship  Armistead C. Gordon, Jr. 
McCormick Scholarship  R. K. Blakey. 
Miller Scholarship  C. Frank Lamb, Jr. 
Henry Coalter Cabell Scholarship  C. Herbert Huffman. 

Bennett Wood Green Scholarships:

  • Thos. Fitzgerald Carroll (for reappointment)

  • E. T. Browne.

Valentine Birely Scholarship  William R. Quynn. 
William Cabell Pives Fellowship  Merville Hunter Dunn. 

Miller Scholarships:

  • B. D. Reynolds

  • J. S. Cunningham.

Robert Hancock Wood, Jr., Scholarship (formerly Albemarle
Chapter D. A. R. Scholarship) -

Edward Cusick.

Skinner Scholarships:

  • A. N. Roberts

  • J. Manley Cobb

  • C. W. Barrett

  • G. F. Cameron

  • Frank Cox

  • Felix Kloman

The following resolutions recommended by the Academic


Faculty were presented and unanimously adopted:


1. That the Academic Faculty be and is hereby empowered
to grant to any returning soldier or sailor candidate for
baccalaureate degree, not more than six (6) session hours
of credit for Military Training received while in the United
States Service, - and that this take effect as of January 6,

2. That the Academic Faculty may also makesuch minor
adjustments, rendered desirable by war conditions, in the
credits of degree candidates, as may seem proper to the faculty
(i.e., re S.A.T.C. credits, counting fractions of courses, waiving
major group requirements, etc.)

3. That the action taken by the Academic Faculty in
beginning the work of the session de novo on January 6, 1919,
as if that were the opening of the session, - and in counting
the work of the two terms from January 6th th June 11, 1919,
as equivalent to the work of a full nine months session, -
be, and the same is, hereby approved.

4. That the recommendation of the Faculty in the case
of Mr. Munford Boyd be adopted - i.e., as Mr. Boyd is totally
blind, he is allowed to absolve the degree requirements in the
Natural Sciences by passing on the lecture courses in four
of these Sciences instead of lecture and laboratory courses in
two of these Sciences.


5. That in accordance with the recommendation of the
Academic Faculty, three (3) session-hours credit shall be granted
until further notice, for German I, provided that the candidate
for this credit shall also complete German B-1.

The request of Prof. Geo. B. Eager, Jr. for a leave of
absence for one year that he may recuperate his health was,
upon the recommendation of the President, granted. Prof. Eager
is to receive his usual salary and to provide at his own
expense a substitute to conduct his classes in his absence.

Upon the recommendation of the President, the following
concerning the election of Dr. Lucius G. Gage was adopted:

RESOLVED, by the Rector and Visitors of the University of
Virginia, That Dr. Lucius G. Gage is hereby elected Adjunct
Professor of Pathology in the University of Virginia, at a salary
of $2,000. incumbency to begin on July 1, 1919.

Judge R. T. W. Duke, Jr., Secretary of the Miller Board
of Trustees, reported in person to the Board of Visitors that
at a meeting of said Board held today, the sum of $5,970. was
appropriated for the year 1919-20, being the full amount of
the income on the Miller Fund available for the year.

On motion, the leave of absence for Dr. W. Thos. Page,
Professor of Economics, was extended for the session 1919-20,
that he might continue the services of the United States
Tariff Board.

The following offer by Mr. Michie was asopted:


RESOLVED, That Mr. Bryan and the Bursar be requested to
examine and report upon the securities of the University of
Virginia deposited with the Virginia Trust Company, and that
Mr. Hatton and the Bursar be requested to examine and report
upon the securities deposited with the Norfolk Trust Company,
Norfolk, Virginia.

The Bursar submitted the following report covering the
final settlement between the War Department and the University
of Virginia in connection with contracts with Sections A and B
of the Students' Army Training Corps. The report was received
and ordered spread.

The Rector and Visitors,
University of Virginia.

I beg to advise that final settlement has been
made between the War Department and the University of
Virginia covering contracts for Section A and Section B
of the Students' Army Training Corps as follows:

Section A. Our final claim for reimbursement of
cost was allowed in the sum of $16,928.65.

Section B. Under the final settlement for
Section B, we were indebted to the War Department in
the sum of $25,281.70, and which represented the excess
of payments made by the War Department on monthly vouchers
submitted on the basis of the contract over and above
the actual costs of conducting said section. The final
settlement was made for Section B on the basis outlined
to the Board at its last meeting by Professor Newcomb, which
was to the effect that the University is to retain the
buildings and equipment in lieu of the cost of restoration
of the golf links, etc. A certified check payable to the
Treasurer of the United States for $8,353.04, the difference
between the amounts above stated, has been accepted


by the War Department in final settlement.

Respectfully submitted,
E. I. Carruthers, Bursar.

The following resolution was adopted in connection with
a release deed for W. M. Hill, Jr.:

It appearing to the Rector and Visitors of the University
of Virginia that the debt secured by a deed of trust dated
April 20, 1916, made by W. M. Hill, Jr., to W. Allan Perkins
and W. O. Fife, trustees, and duly recorded in Deed Book
216-A, page 412 in the Clerk's Office of the Corporation
Court of the City of Norfolk, has been fully paid it is hereby
RESOLVED, That the Rector be and is authorized in the name and
on behalf of the Rector and Visitors of the University of
Virginia to join with said trustees in a proper release deed
and that the seal of this corporation be affixed and attested
by the proper officer.

Prof. Chas. G. Maphis presented in person his estimated
budget for the summer school for the session 1919 as follows:

For the first term: 
Estimated receipts  $ 20,720. 
Estimated expenses  19,680. 
Surplus from first term  1,040. 
For the second term: 
Estimated receipts and balance from
first term 
Estimated expenses  3,000. 

The budget was approved as follows:



First Term







Estimated Receipts 
State Board of Education  $ 12,000. 
University of Virginia Appropriation  1,500. 
City of Charlottesville  500. 
Registration fees and tuition fees  6,000. 
Rent of exhibit space  100. 
Net surplus from 1918  420. 
Albemarle Chapter Red Cross  200.  20,720. 
Estimated Disbursements 
I. Administration. 
(a) Salaries - 
C. G. Maphis, Director  500 
Mrs. S.S. Matthews, Registrar  175 
E. I. Carruthers, Bursar  100 
C.H.H. Thomas, Assistant Bursar,  50 
Miss Deane, Assistant Bursar  50 
F.M. Alexander. Local Manager  200 
R.J. Costen, Superintendent Buildings
& Grounds 
Miss Pilington, Stenographer  300 
Office assistants  350 
Y.W.C.A. Secretary (b & r)  75 
Dr. W. E. Bray, School Physician  300  2,225 
(b) Expenses - 
Advertising  450 
Catalogue, printing and mailing  700 
Postage  150 
Stationery, printing, general supplies
750  2,050 
II. Instruction
(a) Salaries - 
1. Agriculture: 
Prof. Edwin H. Scott  250 
Inst. W. J. Hayes  100 
Assistant  125  475 
2. Astronomy: 
Prof. P. H. Graham  150  150 
3. Biblical History & Literature: 
Prof. W. M. Forrest  100  100 
4. Biology: 
Prof. W. A. Kepner  300 
Asst. W. C. Whitlock  125  425 
5. Botany (Field): 
Prof. W. A. Lambeth  150  150 
6. Chemistry: 
Prof. R. M. Bird  300 
Prof. G. L. Carter  200  500 
7. Drawing: 
Miss Anita L. Pollitzer  200 
Miss Doris Oden'hal  150  500 
8. Education: 
Prof. J. L. Manahan  300 
Prof. Geo. O. Ferguson, Jr.  300 
Prof. J. G. Johnson  100 
Prof. H. C. Krebs  250 
Prof. Harry H. Clarks  300 
Prof. Edward E. Smith  300 
Prof. J. E. Dobbins  180 
Miss Georgia May Barrett  250 
Miss Yetta Shoninger  300 
Miss Ida Evans Rogers  250 
Miss Lois Meek  200 
Miss Grace Eldridge Mix  250 
Miss Ethel Summy  200 
Miss Bess Herring (b & r)  50  3,230 
9. English: 
Prof. J. C. Metcalf  300 
Prof. Geo. A. Wauchope  300 
Prof. Benj. Sledd  300 
Prof. E. F. Shewmake  250 
Miss Lucy R. Hoyt (b & r)  75  1,225 
10. Finance & Administration: 
Prof. R. F. Webb  150 
Prof. Frederick Juchhoff  75 
Miss M. J. Sullivan  100  325 
11. French: 
Prof. W. P. Graham  200 
Miss Josephine Holt  125  325 
12. German: 
Prof. W. H. Faulkner  300  300 
13. History: 
Prof. R. H. Dabney  300 
Prof. J. M. McConnell  300 
Prof. T. R. Snavely  200 
Inst. F. M. Lemon  100  900 
14. Household Arts: 
Mrs. Ora Hart Avery  200 
Miss Edna Harner  200 
Miss Arabella Pilcher  200 
Miss Mary A. Wilson  100  700 
15. Latin: 
Prof. Thos. Fitz-Hugh  300 
Prof. Jas. S. McLemore  175 
Prof. J. W. Bishop  175  650 
16. Library Economy: 
John S. Patton  130 
Miss M. L. Dinwiddie  70  200 
17. Manual Arts: 
Prof. H. Clay Houchens  200 
Miss Mary Eisenbise  300 
Assistant  50  550 
18. Mathematics: 
Prof. J. M. Page  300 
Prof. W. H. Echols  300 
Prof. Jas. Newton Michie  200 
Prof. W. G. Shackelford  150 
Miss Gertrude Foster (b & r)  50  1,000 
19. Music: 
Prof. Aden L. Filmore (b & r)  75 
Miss Daisy Wingfield (b & r)  75 
Prof. Acker (b & r)  75  225 
20. Philosophy & Psychology: 
Prof. Albert Lefevre  300 
Prof. A. G. A. Balz  225  525 
21. Physical Education: 
Miss Emma Ody Pohl  250 
Miss Mary Bell Smith  200 
Miss Katherine McCormick  200  650 
22. Physics: 
Prof. L. G. Hoxton  275 
Prof. T. F. Ball  200 
Inst. E. Wiltshire  150  625 
23. Red Cross Courses: 
Mrs. Mary Cox Brown  200 
Instructor  xx  200 
24. Spanish: 
Prof. J. C. Bardin  200 
Miss Jesephine Holt  125  325 
25. Writing: 
Miss Mary R. Barnette  175  175 
(b) Miscellaneous: 
Janitors for lecture halls  300 
Rent of lecture halls  125 
Laboratory supplies  700  1,125 
Total for Instruction  15,405 
Total Estimated expenditures  19,680 

The following communication was received from Mrs. Kate
A. Tuttle, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, Albemarle
Chapter D. A. R., concerning the change in name of the scholarship
given by the said chapter, and the same was approved by the

President E. A. Alderman,
University of Virginia.
Dear President Alderman:

I am requested by the Albemarle


Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, to
advise you that the scholarship now standing in its
name was, on June the fifth, named by the Chapter in
honor of Lieutenant Robert Hancock Wood, Jr., Aviator
U. S. A.

As Mrs. Robert Hancock Wood, Sr., is the only member
of this Chapter who has lost a son in this war, it
is fitting that this memorial should be named for this
soldier, a native of Albemarle County and an alumnus of
the University of Virginia.

Very sincerely.
Kate A. Iuttle,
Chairman of the Scholarship
Committee Albemarle Chapter
D. A. R.

Upon motion the meeting adjourned.

[signed] G. Hatton
Rector pro tem.
[signed] E. I. Carruthers