University of Virginia Library


At the annual meeting of the Board of Visitors, called
for the consideration of the Financial Budget for 1913-1914.

Present: The Rector, Visitors Craddock, Flood, Norton,
White, Irvine, Drewry, Michie, Oliver, State Superintendent
Stearnes, and Acting President, Dean James M. Page.

The Rector having called the Board to order at 10:30
o'clock, the newly appointed member, (to fill vacancy
caused by resignation of Dr. W. M. Randolph), Mr. George
R. B. Michie, appeared, and being duly qualified, was accordingly
recognized as a member of this Board.

Report of Committee on Entrance Building

At a meeting of the Committee on Entrance Building
at 8:00 P.M., May 9th, 1913, there were present Messrs.
Lambeth, Michie, Newcomb, Smith, Forrest. The following was
moved by Mr. Newcomb, seconded and carried:-


Resolved that it be the sense of this Committee that the
contract for the construction of the Entrance Building for
the University be and is herewith awarded to Vandegrift
and Fitch, the lowest competitive bidders, subject to the
approval by the Rector and Visitors of the University of
our resolution asking for $5,000.00 increased loan.

The following was presented by Mr. Forrest and moved
and seconded by Mr. Smith and Mr. Michie, and adopted for presentation
at next meeting of the Board, together with the preceeding
resolution for their information:-

To the Rector and Visitors of the
University of Virginia.

Your Committee on Improvements at the University entrance
beg to report that in harmony with your instructions they
secured bids on completed plans and specifications for the
building approved by you at your meeting February 10, 1913.

The lowest bid, even after making all such changes in the
plans as can reduce the cost without injuring the building in
appearance, structure or rent-yielding power, shows that the
building alone, with the architect's fees, will cost nearly
$20,000.00. Your provision for the building being only
$15,000.00, it has impossible to sign the contract and proceed
with the work.


We therefore ask that you provide a further sum of
$5,000.00 making a total of $25,000. for the building and
outside improvements, interest upon which at the rate of six
per cent per year shall be deducted by the Bursar from
the gross revenues of the building paid into his hands. In
our judgement the rents will easily care for this annual
charge of $1,500.00 and leave a handsome surplus. We
also believe it would be a mistake to reduce the size of the
building, and that if reduced it would not carry an interest
charge of $1,200.00 as safely as the proposed building
will carry, $1,500.00.

(signed) W. M. Forrest,
(signed) W. A. Lambeth,

The Committee on Entrance Building having made the foregoing
report, it was

Resolved: That an additional sum of $5,000.00 be
appropriated to the building and improvements at the University
entrance, making the total appropriation for the purpose
$25,000.00 instead of $20,000.00 as provided in the resolution
of February 10, 1913.

Relative to the "1908 Alumni Reunion," it was

Resolved: first, That the sum of $200.00 be and is hereby
appropriated to pay for the music in connection with the
reunion of the 1908 class to be held at the approaching Finals.


Resolved, secondly, That the sum of $150.00 be and is
hereby appropriated to be used for the purpose of providing
suitable lodging in the University dormitories for the
members of the 1908 class and their friends at the reunion
during the approaching Finals.

Resolved, that the sum of $1,500. be and is hereby
appropriated for the University Summer School for the summer
of 1913. Of this sum of $1,500.00, $500.00 is to pay
the salary of the Director of the Summer School, $300.00
to pay the salary of the Professor of Advanced Algebra and
Trigonometry: the remaining $700.00 to be used for general
Summer School purposes.

The Financial Budget for the year 1913-1914 having been
submitted to the Rector, and to each member of the Board,
some weeks prior to this meeting, and having been thus fully
considered and also discussed in this meeting, on motion
duly seconded, the same is hereby adopted in the following
words and figures:—

[See Budget for year 1913-1914 page 284]