University of Virginia Library


The adoption of the foregoing Budget, carried
with it the following promotions,—

Instructor James C. Bardin to Adjunct Professor of
Spanish and Poruguese.

Adjunct Professor W. S. Rodman, to Associate Professor
of Electrical Engineering.

Adjunct Professor J. S. Grasty, to William Barton
Rogers Associate Professor of Economic Geology.

Adjunct Professor Wm. A. Kepner to Associate Professor
of Biology.

In view of the following letter from the Dean of the
Engineering Department, Mr. J. S. Lapham was appointed
Instructor in Applied Mechanics.

Dr. J. M. Page, Dean.
University, Va.
Dear Sir:

After the annual report of the Department of Engineering
had been made and forwarded to the President, it was
learned that Mr. J. S. Lapham, a graduate of this University
in Mechanical Engineering, desired an appointment on our
teaching staff. Mr. Lapham is a young man of unusual ability;
and, if his application had been received earlier, he would


undoubtedly have been engaged. It is not often that any
school has the opportunity of securing the services of a
man so eminently fitted by capacity, training, and character
to make a useful and accomplished University teacher. The
department is already committed to the young men nominated in
our report as instructors for 1913-1914, and cannot in good
faith, cancel any one of the nominations. On the other
hand, the opportunity is one which cannot be postponed; unless
Mr. Lapham comes to us, he will go into business with his
father, and such permanent changes will have to be made in
the details of that business as will prevent him from
accepting a position with us in the future.

I am so greatly impressed by the desirability of
engaging Mr. Lapham that I beg to ask through you a small
special appropriation for his salary. This appropriation
will be for the one year only, after 1913-1914, we shall
be able to arrange our teaching force so that Mr. Lapham
will receive one of the regular appointments.

I desire therefore to recommend that for the session
1913-1914, Mr. J. S. Lapham be appointed, assistant instructor
in Applied Mechanics at a salary of $500.

I have been a professor in this University for thirty-seven
years. Men have been appointed in the past to extend the
work of the Department of Engineering, but I have never before


asked for a man to share my individual work. I should
not do this at present, but for the cogent reasons given
above. I trust the Rector and Visitors may find it possible,
and deem it wise to approve this recommendation.

Very respectfully,
(signed) Wm. M. Thornton, Dean.

Resolved, (1) That the action of Professor H. T.
Marshall in releasing his assistant, Dr. J. O. Mundy on
April 10, 1913, to accept an advantageous position in New
York City, be approved.

Resolved, further, that Professor Marshall's employing
Miss Lila Thornton as Technical Assistant for the unexpired
term of Dr. Mundy, to continue to July 1 at $30.00 a month,
be approved.

Resolved: (3) That the Bursar be and is hereby
authorized to pay Miss Thornton for her work during the unexpired
term of Dr. Mundy out of the amount appropriated
for Dr. Mundy's salary for that period; and that the
unexpended balance of $96.76, of Dr. Mundy's salary for
that period be transferred to the credit of the Pathological

Resolved: That for next session the salary of Mr. A. G.
Nochren as Student Assistant in Physcial Education be and is
hereby fixed at the sum of $350.00, he to pay the University
fee and tuition in the Medical Department.


Resolved: That for the next session, the position
of Sanitary Inspector of the University be instituted,
and that the same be filled by some medical student recommended
by the University Sanitary Committee. The remuneration
attached to the position shall be $100.00; and the incumbent
shall act under the direction of and report to the Chairman
of the University Sanitary Committee.

Resolved, That the sum of $100. be and is hereby
appropriated to pay for an Assistant in the office of the
Dean of the University from July 1 to September 15th.

Resolved: That a sum not to exceed $200. be and is
hereby appropriated for the maintenance of Madison Hall
during the fiscal year ending July 1, 1913.

Resolved: That $127.00 be poropriated to send a sample
copy of the Alumni News to each of five thousand (5,000)

The following letter to the President from Prof.
Albert H. Tuttle, was presented by Dean Page,

President Edwin A. Alderman,
University of Virginia.
Dear Sir:

As you are already aware, I have recently sent to the


Trustees of the Carnegie Foundation a formal application
for retirement, feeling that after forty years of full
professional work and twenty-five years of active service
at this University, the time has come when it is wise for me
to take advantage of the provisions of the Foundation,

This application still awaits the action of the Board
of Trustees at their forthcoming meeting, at which time I
hope and expect that it will meet with their approval.
Pending their action, however, I feel it my duty to advise
the Rector and Visitors of the step that I have taken, and
of my wish, subject to this contingency, to retire from
active service on September 15th next. I therefore request
that these facts be laid before them.

I should like also to ask of the Rector and Visitors
of the University that, in case of my retirement at the
time indicated, I be permitted for the present to occupy
the house I am now living in on the same terms as heretofore,
viz., a rental at $25.00 a month. Hoping for favorable
action on their part, I remain,

Sincerely yours,
(signed) Albert H. Tuttle.


Pursuant to the foregoing letter, the following was

Resolved, first, That contingent upon his being admitted
to the benefits of the "Carnegie Foundation for the
Advancement of Teaching," at the next meeting of the
Executive Committee of said Foundation, the resignation of
Professor Albert Henry Tuttle as Miller Professor of Biology
and Agriculture in the University of Virginia, be accepted
to take effect September 15, 1913.

Resolved, secondly, that in case of Professor Tuttles'
retirement at the time indicated, he shall be permitted
for the present to occupy the house he is now living in,
on the same terms as heretofore, namely, a rental of $25.00
per month.

Resolved: That Mr. R. E. Beard, who withdrew from the
University, November 21, 1913, in order to accept a position
as teacher in Norfolk Academy, be and he is hereby relieved
from the payment of all fees for the second and third terms
of this session, as a student in the University.

Resolved: That the appreciative thanks of the Rector
and Visitors of the University of Virginia be extended to Mrs.
Martha Jefferson T. Burke for the gift of the Bible formerly
in the possession of George Wythe, and by him given to Thomas
Jefferson; and also for the gift of the two copies of the New


Testament from which Thomas Jefferson clipped the portions
used by him in preparing his compilation known as "The
Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth.

Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors of the
University accept with thanks a membership for the University
of Virginia in the "Monticello Graveyard Association," and
hereby elect the President of the University as such member;

Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors agree to
contribute annually to said graveyard association, such
sum as shall be agreed upon by the officers of said
association, and the said President of the University.

The Peoples National Bank, through its cashier, Mr.
W. W. Waddell, made application to this Board for a part of
the University bank account, whereupon the following was

Resolved: That the deposits of this University be
divided approximately equally between the Jefferson National
Bank and the Peoples National Bank, upon the same terms and
conditions as those now in force with the present University

Resolved: That a residence be erected for the use of
the Dean of the University at a cost not to exceed $10,000.00,
upon some suitable location upon the University Grounds,


that amount of the funds of the University now invested
in a low rate of interest bearing securities, or funds now
uninvested to be invested in said residence. The details
of said erection to be left to the Grounds and Building
Committee, and the Finance Committee of this Board is
directed to provide the necessary funds.

Whereas, it was necessary to reduce the size of certain
rooms in the Dawon's Row dormitories, in order to provide
a closet for each house, one room in each of the following
houses being reduced thereby; viz:, A,B,C,E, & F; and

Whereas, these changes were made without the knowledge
of certain of the boys now occupying said rooms, said boys
having signed up for these rooms without knowledge of
the proposed changes, therefore be it

Resolved, That the Bursar is authorized to refund to
each such boy the sum of $5.00 for the session of 1912-1913;
but the rental of said rooms for subsequent sessions shall
be the same as for other rooms in said buildings.

Resolved: That Miss Julia Tutwiler's request to be
allowed to have a plaster cast made of the bust of her father
in the University Library, be granted, subject to the condition
that the cast is made by a person approved by the artist
Valentine, and that all due precautions be taken not to
injure the bust.


Whereas, it has been stated to this Board that there
stands on the books of the University a debit balance
against the late Jas. B. Green, in the amount of $415.77, and

Whereas, it has come to the knowledge of this Board
that said Jas. B. Green died, leaving no estate, therefore
be it

Resolved: That the said sum be charged off the books
to Surplus Account, and the Bursar is hereby authorized to
make the necessary entries.

Resolved: That Mrs. Clara T. Green be granted the
privilege of renting the cottage now occupied by her, for
another year, from July 1, 1913 to July 1, 1914 at the
same rental.

Resolved: That the request of Mr. I. K. Moran
for reimbursement to amount of $71.50, on account of
installation of certain permanent fixtures in house occupied
by him, be and is hereby granted.

Resolved: That a sum not to exceed $50.00 be and is
hereby appropriated to reimburse Dr. J. M. Page for expenses
incurred by him in attendance upon a convention of the Phi
Beta Kappa in New York City.

Mr. Craddock, Chairman of the Finance Committee, brought
to the attention of the Board the several requests from fraternities
for loans in order to erect Chapter Houses on the


property of the University, and stated that at a meeting
of the Committee recently held in Richmond, it was decided
that no more loans for this purpose could be made at this
time, and offered the following, being adopted,

Resolved: That the condition of the funds will not
justify further loans for fraternity houses for the present,
and that the applicants be informed of this resolution.

Dr. Page brought to the attention of the Board
the fact that certain of the students, occupying University
dormitories, who had received their rooms at a reduced price
by reason of boarding at the "Commons," had failed to
attend the "Commons" for the whole time. Messrs. Aiken
and Jett representing those students who had left the "Commons"
appeared before the Board asking that the said students be
released from any further obligation to the University
for that portion of the room rentdue on account of not
so boarding, their contention being based on poor quality
of food. Prof. Lile, who had been requested by the Dean
to give his opinion in the matter, sent to the Board an opinion
in the matter, setting forth that the said students were liable f
the balance of the room rent. After a general discussion of
the matter the following resolution was unanimously adopted,—

Resolved: That no deduction be made from the rent of
rooms occupied by members of the "Commons" who left during the


The following report of the Building Committee
was presented:—

James M. Page, Dean,
University, Va.
Dear Sir:

I. We recommend that the sites on Carr's Hill for
fraternity houses, be at present restricted to four, and
that the northernmost site be located on a line passing
through the centre of the president's residence and the
centre of the president's stable, and at least as far
distant from the president's house as is the location of
the "Delta Tau Delta" house.

II. We further recommend that no trees be cut without
permission of a Committee appointed to accurately locate
these sites.

III. That the earth from the excavations for these
fraternity buildings be deposited in the new road under
the direction of the Superintendent of Grounds.

(signed) W. A. Lambeth, Supt.
G. R. B. Michie.

In view of the above report it was

Resolved: That the following committee be appointed


to carry out the recommendations of the report,

Committee: President Alderman,

Committee: Mr. Michie,

Committee: Dr. Lambeth,

The following report was presented,—

James M. Page, Dean,
University of Virginia.
Dear Sir:

Prof. Newcomb who is planning the plants for the
sewage purification, as directed by the State Board of Health,
indicates that we will have to acquire land to furnish a
sufficient fall to carry off the effluent from the filter

It is therefore recommended that the Board appoint
a Committee to secure options on property that seems to be
required, or take condemnation proceedings, if necessary.

Yours truly,
(signed) W. A. Lambeth, Supt.

In view of the above report, it was

Resolved: That the following committee be appointed
to carry out the recommendations of the report, the President,
Mr. Michie, and Dr. Lambeth.


Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors of the
University of Virginia, in annual meeting assembled, send heartiest
greetings and sincerest congratulations to President
Edwin A. Alderman, upon the good news of his restored health
and strength, and their best wishes for his early and entire

They desire also to express to him their realization,—
so keenly brought home to them by his recent absence from
their gatherings, as nothing else perhaps might have
brought it,—of the significance and value of his wise
counsel and vigorous guidance in all their deliberations;
and to rejoice with him both for his returning health and
for the pleasing prospect of again having his active cooperation
and leadership.

It is the wish of the Board that he be assured of the
warm personal regard of each individual member, and of the
hearty concurrence of each in this message of friendship,
felicitation and good cheer.

Resolved: That this resolution be communicated to
President Alderman by the Rector of the University.

The report of the Superintendent, Dr. Wm. A. Lambeth,
concerning recommendations of the Faculty with reference
to the day current, (electric) was tabled till the June


It appearing to the Board that the annual meeting of
the Trustees of the University of Virginia Endowment Fund
was not held on yesterday, the day preceeding the annual
meeting of this Board, and it further appearing that by the
provision of the third section of the deed of trust constituting
said trustees of the said endowment fund, that
in the event the "Alumni Board of Trustees of the University
of Virginia Endowment Fund should fail to hold its meeting
on the day preceding that fixed by the Board of Visitors
to determine the expenditures for the succeeding year, it shall
pay over all of the said annual income for said year to the
Bursar to be expended as this Board may direct," and it
further appearing to this Board from the report of Eppa
Hunton, Jr., prepared for submission to the annual meeting
of the said Trustees that there will be available from the
several funds constituting said Endowment Fund for the present
fiscal year as follows:

General Fund,  $41,300 00 
Curry Memorial,  4,450 64 
Barbour-Page,  1,100 00 
Fuller,  500 00 
Rives,  250 00 
Cary,  550 00  $48,150 64 


Resolved: That the said Eppa Hunton, Jr.,
Treasurer of the said Alumni Board of Trustees of the
University of Virginia Endowment Fund, be requested to
pay over the said income quarterly as the same shall be collected
by him to the Bursar of the University of Virginia, and the
said Bursar is hereby directed, upon the receipt of the said
sums from the said Eppa Hunton, Jr., Treasurer, to execute
to him a due and proper voucher for such payments, to be
expended as follows:

Edgar Allan Poe School of English  3,300 00 
James Wilson School of Polit. Sc.
& Econ., 
3,300 00 
James Madison School of Law,  3,300 00 
James Monroe School of Inter. Law,  3,300 00 
Walter Reed School of Pathology,  3,000 00 
School of Chemistry,  10, 500 00 
Andrew Carnegie School of Engr.,  9,200 00 
President's Salary,  3,000 00 
General Library,  2,000 00 
Curry Memorial Fund,  4,450 64 
Barbour-Page Lecture Fund,  1,100 00 
Isaac Cary Scholarship Fund,  550 00 
Rives Fellowship Fund,  250 00 
Law Library, (Fuller Fund)  500 00 
Contingent Fund, clerical services, etc.  400 00  $48,150 64 


On motion the Board adjourned to meet in annual
session, Monday, June 16th, 1913.

E. I. Carruthers,
Armistead C. Gordon,