University of Virginia Library


At a meeting of the Board of Visitors of the University
of Virginia, at 2:00 P. M. on above date, in the President's

Present: Messrs. Gordon, White, Craddock, Shackelford,
and Harmon, and President Alderman,

The Board being called to order, Mr. Gordon stated that,
in accordance with Sec. 1544 of the Statute, the election of
a Rector was first in order. On motion of Mr. White, Mr. Armistead
C. Gordon was nominated; the motion being duly seconded,
he was unanimously elected Rector, to serve for the ensuing
term of four years.


The election of a Secretary to the Board being next in
order, it was

Resolved: That I. K. Moran be re-appointed to serve a
term of 4 years.

The following resolutions were then unanimously adopted
by the Board:

Resolved: That the resignations of L. L. Holladay, Associate
Professor of Electrical Engineering, and E. P. Dargan,
Adjunct Professor of Romanic Languages, be accepted with regret
and expressions of appreciation of their ability and faithfulness.

Resolved: That the President, upon the recommendation
of the Professor of Romanic Languages, be authorized to appoint
Messrs. James C. Bardin and Stanley M. Cleveland, Instructors
of Romanic Languages, at a salary of $700.00 each.

Resolved: That the Rector and Visitors ratify the action
of the Executive Committee in granting leave of absence to
Professor Charles W. Kent; and in appointing as locum tenens
in his absence in the Chair of English, Dr. George A. Wauchope
of the University of South Carolina, correspondence in the
matter to be spread upon the minutes of the Board.

The correspondence follows:

Dr. E. A. Alderman, President,
University of Virginia.
Dear Sir:

In pursuance of our conversation, I have the honor to
request that I be granted a leave of absence from the University


of Virginia for the remainder of the current session, so
that I may spend this period in Europe. I would not make this
request if I believed that my absence would be detrimental to
the University of Virginia. I have been fortunate in procuring
the consent of Dr. George A. Wauchope, of the University
of South Carolina, to fill my chair during my absence. Dr.
Wauchope is a Virginian, a graduate of Washington and Lee
University, and a Doctor of Philosophy of Johns Hopkins
University, and aprofessor of most successful experience. He
is a man of culture and refinement, an excellent writer,
and I am sure will prove an inspiration to the classes I
leave in his charge.

For my own part, I can say that having been a teacher
now for twenty odd years, without asking for a vacation or
losing any time of consequence from my work, I feel that I
have earned a holiday, and it seems peculiarly opportune at
this time that I take it, as I have just finished some important
work under the strain of which I have been laboring
for several years.

Begging that you will transmit this letter to the proper
authorities with your endorsement, if it seems wise to you, I
have the honor to remain,

Very cordially,
(signed) Charles W. Kent.
Dr. Charles W. Kent,
University of Virginia.


My dear Sir:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your communication of
the 13th, inst., requesting a leave of absence from the University
for the remainder of the present session, and stating
that you have secured the consent of Dr. George A. Wauchope
to serve in your stead.

I approve of your desire for the leave of absence, and
shall recommend it heartily to the Visitors. I believe the
result of your stay in Europe will be for increase of power
in your work in the University, and I do not believe that
your work will suffer in the hands of Dr. Wauchope. I am
this day transmitting your request to the Executive Committee
of the Visitors, with my approval, and shall acquaint you
with their decision.

Very sincerely yours,
(signed) E. A. Alderman, President.
Hon. Armistead C. Gordon, Rector,
Staunton, Va.
My dear Mr. Rector:

I am enclosing a correspondence between
Dr. Kent and myself which explains itself. I am sending the
correspondence to you with the request that you signify your
approval or disapproval of the request contained in Dr. Kent's
letter and approved by me, in order that I may inform Dr. Kent
and officially inform Dr. Wauchope. There is no question of
money involved in the transaction,- - that is to say, Dr.
Kent's salary will go on, and he will compensate Dr. Wauchope


for his services out of his (Dr. Kent's) salary, the University
budget arrangement remaining undisturbed. The essential
point, of course, is the essential fitness of Dr. Wauchope.
He is, from all accounts, a very valuable and interesting man.
His services will be from February until June, and I do not
believe any harm will come to the character of our teaching,
and some good from the interchange. I believe much good will
come to the Department from Dr. Kent's residence in Europe for
this period. It is a sort of Sabbatical year arrangement,
without cost to the Institution, that I heartily approve of.

I should appreciate as prompt a reply, expressive of your
opinion in this matter, as is possible.

Sincerely yours,
(signed) E. A. Alderman, President.
Dr. George A. Wauchope,
University of South Carolina,
Columbia, S. C.
My dear Sir:

Upon application of Dr. Charles W. Kent, I have recommended
to the Rector and Visitors of the University that he
be given a vacation for the remainder of the session. As
you are aware, it is his purpose to spend this vacation
abroad. Dr. Kent, in making the application to me, recommended
most enthusiastically your name as a suitable incumbent
for the Chair for the remainder of the session of 1910.

I have brought the whole matter to the attention of the
Visitors, and have likewise given it attention myself. The


Visitors have decided to grant such a vacation to Dr. Kent,
and are unanimous in their consent that you take charge of
his duties here during that period. I, therefore, write to
inform you of this in an official way, and to assure you of
the pleasure it will give me to welcome you here and to be
of service in any way that I can be to you in your work. I
beg you to report to me, when you come, at as early a moment
as possible, in order that I may have the pleasure of meeting
you and knowing your plans immediately.

Very sincerely yours,
(signed) E. A. Alderman, President.

Whereas, President Alderman has reported that he has
raised $3,086.00 in subscription to the fund for the realization
of the gift of a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson by
Sir Moses Ezekiel, Therefore be it

Resolved: That the action of President Alderman in forwarding
$1,000.00 to Sir Moses Ezekiel for defraying the expenses
for casting, pedestal, etc. of the Jefferson statue,
be approved by the Rector and Visitors of the University of

Resolved, also, That President Alderman be instructed
to express appropriate thanks to the gentlemen who responded
to his request by subscriptions for this purpose.

Resolved: That $200.00 be appropriated annually to the
Fire Department of the City of Charlottesville, subject to
revocation on six month's notice, to aid the City in the
maintenance of its Fire Department, and to give protection to


University property. (See communication from Superintendent
Lambeth, which is as follows:

Edwin A. Alderman, Pres.,
University, Virginia.
Dear Sir:-

I have to report that about 12:30 o'clock on the morning
of the 8th of February, fire was discovered in the basement
of the Chapel.

Professors, students, and the Charlottesville Fire Co.
succeeded in saving the building with a loss of $2,221.00,
which is covered by insurance.

Yours very truly,
W. A. Lambeth, Supt.

Resolved: That site "C" on the plat submitted by Mr.
Manning be assigned for the erection of the club house by
the Kappa Sigma Fraternity; the same to be constructed and
held in accordance with the terms of the resolutions heretofore
adopted by this Board; and that all applications for
loans by the University on account of the said building be
made to the Finance Committee of this Board, giving 60 days'
notice in advance of the time such loans are required to be

Resolved: That the application of the Delta Tau Delta
Fraternity for permission to erect a club house in accordance
with the terms of the resolution of the Board, adopted December
2, 1907, be and the same is hereby granted, upon condition
that the said building shall be erected on site "B" on the plat


of Mr. Manning, said building to cost not less that $12,000.,
and to conform in general character to that proposed to be
erected by the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, on site "C". It is

Resolved, also, That all applications for loans by the
University on account of the said building, be made to the
Finance Committee of this Board, giving notice 60 days in advance
of the time such loans are required to be made.

Resolved: That the Building Committee be authorized,
with the concurrence of the Trustees of the University of
Virginia Endowment Fund, to go forward in the matter of constructing
a modern Dispensary and Out-door Patient Department
for the Hospital, in accordance with the ideas of Mr. Charles
Steele, as expressed in his gift for that purpose.

Resolved: That the candidates for the degree of Doctor
of Medicine who have less than one year's full course to complete
may be required to take such additional work and to
pass such additional examinations as the Medical Faculty may
prescribe. This additional work may be selected from any of
the courses given in the Department of Medicine, even when
such prescribed courses have previously been taken and passed
by the candidates in question.

Resolved: That no course offered by a successful candidate
for one of the cultural baccalaureate degrees shall be
counted again for the other cultural baccalaureate degree.

Resolved: That Mr. Moon, the attorney for the Board,
and the Committee heretofore appointed to consider and act
upon the claim of the City authorities for water furnished


or pumped to the University, be requested to make a report
at as early a date as possible.

Resolved: That the date for the consideration of the
Financial Budget of the University of Virginia, be fixed for
Friday, May 6th, 1910.

Resolved: That the Finance Committee of this Board be
and is hereby authorized and requested to turn over to the
Treasurer of the Alumni Board of Trustees of the University
Endowment Fund, the Securities now in the custody of the Virginia
Trust Company, and representing what was known as the
"Alumni Hall Fund," arising from sundry payments by Alumni
and friends, to the late Col. Thomas H. Carter, as temporary
Treasurer, amounting to $2,750.00 (as per statement filed
herewith), and by him invested in 3% Virginia Century Bonds,
in the name of the Rector and Visitors of the University of
Virginia. It is understood, that by re-investment of the
Interest from time to time, the fund is now $3,600 par value
in Century Bonds.

On motion, the Board adjourned to meet Friday, May 6th,

I. K. Moran
Armistead C. Gordon Rector.