University of Virginia Library


At an adjourned meeting of the Board of Visitors, held
at the University on above date,

Present: The Rector, and Visitors Harmon, Hunton, Norton,
and Flood, and President Alderman.


The Board was called to order at 2:30 o'clock, by the
Rector, and on motion, the reading of minutes of the previous
meeting was omitted.

The President then presented the following correspondence
in relation to the retirement of Professor Noah K. Davis,-

The Carnegie Foundation
For the Advancement of Teaching.

Dear Professor Davis:

I have the pleasure to send you under another cover a
copy of the rules for the granting of retiring allowances by
the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. As
the gifts stands at present, institutions like the University
of Virginia, which are controlled by the State, are not admitted
officially to its benefits, that question being left
to be determined at the meeting of the Trustees in November.
Meantime, however, at a meeting held yesterday, the Executive
Committee decided to invite a few distinguished scholars to
accept such retiring allowances as a recognition of unusual
and extraordinary service as a scholar. In accordance with
this resolution, I have the honor to inform you that the Committee
of the Carnegie Foundation invites you to accept a retiring
allowance of two thousand dollars ($2,000.) a year,
this to begin from July 1, 1906. As you will note by the
rules, one-half of this allowance, when granted to a teacher,
is paid to his wife should she survive him.

In extending to you this invitation to accept a retiring
allowance along with a few other well-known American scholars,


the Executive Committee wishes me at the same time to assure
you of the high esteem in which it holds your scholarly service
to the University of Virginia and to the country. I beg
that you will inform me whether it will be agreeable to you
to accept the retiring allowance, as voted, as an expression
of the regard and esteem of the Board of Trustees of the Carnegie

I am,
Very sincerely yours,
Henry S. Pritchett,
Dr. Henry S. Pritchett, President,
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching,
542 Fifth Avenue, New York City.
My dear Sir:

Your letter of the 22 inst. is duly received. By it I
am informed that the Executive Committee of the Carnegie
Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching invites me to accept
a retiring allowance of two thousand dollars ($2000.) a
year, to begin from July 1st, 1906, to which is added that one-half
of this allowance is granted to my wife should she survive

At once, without hesitation or demur, I hereby thankfully
accept this generous gratuity. I find it impossible to express


adequately my sense of the high honor thus conferred, and my
gratitude to yourself, to the Committee, and to the Founder
of this munificent and philanthropic beneficence in thus providing
for the declining years of myself and my wife. Please
accept, just now, the simple assurance of my profound gratitude.

The Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia hold
an adjourned meeting on July 7th. On that occasion I shall
ask to be retired from my service as a member of the University.
The action of the Board will of course be communicated
to you. Please notify me of any other prerequisite formalities
to be observed. I shall follow your instructions.

Allow me to add that the very graceful and gracious terms
in which you were pleased to communicate the matter are extremely
gratifying to me.

With sentiments of the highest esteem, I am,
Very respectfully yours,
Noah K. Davis
Professor of Moral Philosophy
Edwin A. Alderman, L. L. D., etc.,
President of the University of Virginia.
Mr. President,

Will you please ask the Rector and Visitors of the University
at their pending session on the 7th inst., to grant


me permission to retire from active service in the University
as Professor of Moral Philosophy.

After thirty-three years of this service, my increasing
age and my physical disabilities render retirement desirable,
and I am moved to make the request in order that I may accept
the retiring allowance recently voted me by the Trustees of
the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Will Mr. President kindly explain, as fully as may be
desired, to the Rector and Visitors, the particulars of the
present situation. Also please express to them my great
gratitude for their uniformly generous consideration of my
work, and my profound regret that these conditions require a
cessation of my former service to the University, which has
been for many years my happy home, and to which I have given
the best of my life.

Very respectfully yours,
Noah K. Davis.

The Rector and Board of Visitors of the University of
Virginia acknowledge the receipt of the request for retirement
of Professor Noah Knowles Davis with profound regret.
The Board desires to place on record a minute expressing its
appreciation of the ability and devotion of this eminent
scholar and teacher to the interest of the University of Virginia
for a generation. No one of the great teachers of the
University has served its life with more ability, and distinction
and consecration. The Board desires in this connection
to express its gratitude to the trustees of the Carnegie Foundation
for the handsome and delicate way in which they have


recognized the service of Professor Davis to the cause of
higher education in America. It is a privilege and happiness
for the Board to bear testimony to the vigor and skill with
which Professor Davis has conducted his courses up to the
last moment of his active work, and it desires to extend to
him in his well earned retirement the assurance of their
admiration, affection and good will.

Resolved:- That Professor Noah K. Davis be placed upon
emeritus connection in the Faculty of the University. It
shall be understood that this connection does not carry with
it, the right to vote in Academic legislation.

It appearing that the advertisement required by statute
has been made for the appointment of a Professor of Political
Economy in the School of History and Economical Science,

Resolved: That Thomas Walker Page be appointed to this
Professorship at a salary of $3,000.00 per annum, beginning
July 1, 1906.

Resolved: That the sum of four hundred dollars $400.00
annually be appropriated for the commutation of rent to Professor
Noah K. Davis in recognition of his able and faithful
service to the University of Virginia, or that he may occupy
the house he now resides in: Further, that Professor Davis
shall have until Oct. 1st, 1906 to elect.

Resolved: That the name of the School of Philosophy be
changed from the "Corcoran School of Moral Philosophy" to the
"Corcoran School of Philosophy."

Resolved: That Dr. Albert Lefevre be appointed Professor
of Philosophy on the Corcoran Foundation at a salary of $3,000.00


per year, to have charge of the subjects of Philosophy, Ethics,
& Logic.

Resolved: That Dr. Bruce R. Payne be given charge of the
work of Psychology in the Corcoran School of Philosophy for the
year 1906-1907, at a compensation of $250.00

Resolved: That the sum or $400 be appropriated, in addition
to the sum of $200 already appropriated, for the salary of
an assistant to the Professor of Teutonic Languages, the Board
deeming an Assistant necessary.

Resolved: That Mr. A. B. Manly be appointed Instructor
in Chemistry for the session 1906-'07, at a salary of $900.00

Resolved: That the sum of $300.00 be appropriated for
the purchase of books in the Department of Political Economy.

Dr. Reid Hunt having declined the Professorship in Physiology,

Resolved: That the President of the University in consultation
with the Dean and Faculty of the Medical Department
of the University be empowered to take such steps in regard to
the School of Physiology as may seem best for that department,
for the year 1906-1907; provided such action is deemed necessary,
between this date and the October meeting of the Board.

Resolved: That $350.00 be added to the appropriation
voted at the last meeting of the Board of Visitors for the
equipment of a Histological Laboratory.

Resolved: That Prof. W. M. Thornton be appointed to serve
on the State Highway Commission created by the act of the General
Assembly, approved March 6th, 1906, and that a copy of
this resolution be forwarded to His Excellency, Gov. Claude A.


Swanson, and also to the Highway Commissioner, Captain P. St.
Julian Wilson.

Resolved: That the Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings
be authorized to erect an annex to the Boiler House to
contain the machinery of the Electric Lighting Plant, the materials
to be concrete or brick-work, and the cost not to ex-
ceed fifteen hundred dollars, ($1,500.00).

Resolved: That the placing of the insurance on the new
buildings to be erected be referred to the Executive Committee.

Resolved: That section 95 of the Laws of the University,
compiled in 1900, in regard to Instructors, be amended so as
to read as follows:

Instructors in the different departments of the University,
when furnished rooms free of charge, shall be given rooms
located on the Ranges, such rooms to be designated by the Bursar
and Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.

On motion the Board adjourned.

I. K. Moran,
Armistead C. Gordon