University of Virginia Library


At a regular annual meeting of the Board of Visitors of
the University of Virginia held at the University on the 17th
day of June 1902.

Present Charles P. Jones, Rector, and Visitors Joseph
Bryan, Carter Glass, Geo. W. Miles, Daniel Harmon, R. Walton
Moore, H. H. Downing, A. W. Wallace.

Messrs. Chas. P. Jones, H. H. Downing, Geo. W. Miles,
Carter Glass, and A. W. Wallace were appointed by the Governor,
approved by the Senate, and commissioned to serve as
Visitors for the four years next ensuing from the 28th day
of February 1902. Whereupon Messrs. Jones, Downing, Miles,
& Glass, before Geo. W. Morris, Judge of the Corporation
Court of Charlottesville, Va., and Mr. Wallace before I. E.
Mason, Judge of the 10th Circuit of Virginia, took and subscribed


the oath required by law as Visitors of the University
of Virginia.

On motion of Visitor R. Walton Moore, Charles P. Jones
was re-elected Rector for the ensuing term.

James Jones was elected Secretary to the Board at a salary
of $100 per annum, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation
of James B. Faulkner

Visitors Harmon, Jones, Glass, Miles, & Moore were elected
by the Board an Executive Committee to serve until the next
annual meetingl

The Standing Committees remain as heretofore, except that
Visitor Wallace takes the place of Visitor Chandler on the Committees
on Conduct of Schools etc and on Health etc.

The Committees are as follows:

Finance:       Visitors Harmon, Downing, & Glass.

Library & Apparatus- Visitors Bryan, Miles, & Moore.

Conduct of Schools etc. Visitors Miles, Irvine, & Wallace

Buildings & Grounds Visitors Glass, Bryan, & Downing

Health, Infirmary,

Sewerage, & Drainage Visitors Irvine, Wallace, & Moore.

Miller Board Com. Visitors Harmon, Glass, & Moore.

The Chairman of the Faculty handed in to the Board the
Annual Report etc. of the Faculty, the Proctor's Report, the
Report of the Commissioner of Accounts, the various School
Reports, and sundry petitions and applications; which being
read and considered, the following was enacted-:

Resolved- That the sum of $500. be appropriated to cover


incidental expenses connected with the operation of the Electric
Light plant. The details of this expenditure to be furnished
by the Proctor.

Resolved- That the Executive Committee be instructed to
ascertain what steps, if any, should be taken with a view to
provide assistance to the Professor of Biology.

Resolved—That the Proctor be directed to renew the fire
insurance which will expire during the current year, with
authority to place such additional insurance as he thinks
proper on the paintings in the Academic Building.

Resolved—That the Proctor be directed to draw from the
State Treasury the amount of Ten Thousand Dollars now there
to the credit of the University of Virginia, and to deposit
the same in some safe National Bank or Trust Company agreed
upon by the Proctor and Chairman of the Executive Committee,
in the State of Virginia, at a rate of interest, if possible,
not less than three per cent.

Resolved: That the sum of $2000.00 be appropriated, when
$4000.00 is secured from outside sources, for the purpose of
constructing an isolated building for infectious diseases.

Resolved- That the request of Prof. Minor, relative to
being permitted to deliver a course of lectures at the Georgetown
University Law School, be granted.

Resolved- That $150.00 be hereby appropriated for the
Alumni Luncheon at the end of each session.

Resolved- That the Jefferson National Bank be established
as one of the depositories of the University funds—
provided they execute a bond similar in amount and tenor with


that required by the two other Bank depositories and with
personal security satisfactory to the Proctor.

And the Proctor is further directed to ascertain and
report to the next meeting of the Board, what arrangements
can be made with the Banks in Charlottesville or elsewhere
for interest on daily balances to his credit subject to
checks. And the Proctor, with the consent and approval of
the Finance Committee, is further authorized to make his deposits
in such solvent Bank or Trust Company in the State
of Virginia as will allow interest on daily balances, and
report his action hereunder to the next meeting of this

Resolved: That in accordance with the recommendation
of the Director of the Observatory, Messrs. J. P. McCallie,
T. McN. Simpson, and G. F. Paddock be appointed Fellows in
Astronomy for the year 1902-3.

Resolved- That the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
is hereby appropriated for the benefit of the General Alumni
Association to be paid to the Committee of said Association
consisting of Prof. R. C. Minor, John Patton, and J. W. Fishburne.

Resolved- That the Proctor is directed to arrange the
Mess Hall at the South End of West Range for two lecture
rooms to take the place of the lecture rooms heretofore used
in the frame building known as the "School House".

Resolved- That Rufus H. Barringer be appointed to the
Miller Scholarship for the ensuing session, and that the action


of the Miller Board in appropriating $30000 for an additional
Scholarship and in the nomination of Peyton H. Bragg thereto,
be, and the same is, confirmed and approved.

Resolved- That a Committee consisting of the Rector, the
Chairman of the Faculty, and the Proctor be appointed to devise
means of raising funds to enlarge the Hospital and increase
the facilities of the Surgical branch of the Medical

Resolved- That the Proctor equip the West Law lecture
room with seats similar to those in the East Law lecture
room, the price not to exceed $30000

Resolved- That the sum of $150 00 be hereby appropriated
for a reception to the graduating students at the end of each
session, by the University

Resolved- That the light for the two Literary Societies
and the Y. M. C. A. Halls be furnished to a reasonable extent
by the Proctor and that the bills for the past session against
these organizations be remitted.

Resolved- That $500 00 in addition to the regular appropriation,
be appropriated for the purchase of books for the
Law Library.

Resolved- That the appointment of two student assisstants
in Applied Mathematics, whose appointment was authorized by
the Visitors, be made a standing order for the future, they to
receive remission of their fees as remuneration for their services


Resolved- That Mr. J. P. Mc.Connell be elected by the
Board to the John Y. Mason Fellowship for the ensuing year,
on account of good scholarship during the last session and
because his election during the coming session will enable
him to obtain his Ph.D. degree.

Resolved- That the regular annual appropriation for
supplies in Mechanical Laboratory be fixed at $300 00 instead
of $200 00, as heretofore.

Resolved- That the recommendation of the Faculty and
the Proctor to remove the frame building called the School
House and to reconstruct it in a more obscure part of the
grounds be, and is hereby, approved, and the Proctor is
authorized to make the removal accordingly, provided not
over $800 00 be expended on this account.

The Proctor is further authorized to rent out said
building when removed, at not less than $125 00 per annum.

Resolved- That the salary of I. K. Moran, Clerk of the
Proctor, be increased to $1000 00 per annum, in accordance
with the recommendation of the Faculty and the Proctor.

Resolved- That the Proctor shall purchase a horse, or
mule, and cart at a cost not exceeding $150 00. The same
to be used by the Athletic Club when desired, and, when not
so in use, to be at the disposal of the Proctor.

Resolved- That the Proctor be directed to inquire or
report to the next meeting of the Board the most practical
remedy for the complaint of Mr E. C. Massie in regard to the
sewerage. And in making such investigation, he shall have
authority to have made such surveys as may be necessary.


Resolved- That the sum of $1500.00 be and is hereby appropriated
to assist in in supplying instruction and lectures
for the School of Methods that meets at the University this
Summer, subject to the order of Mr. E. C. Glass, Conductor.

And resolved further, that the use of the lecture rooms
and public hall be extended to the School of Methods and the
free use of the lights, all under the supervision of the Proctor
and Chairman of the Faculty, but in such a manner as not
to interfere with the Summer Schools.

Resolved- That Dr. J. C. Flippin be appointed Demonstrator
of Medical Biology and Pathology to succeed Dr. L. Skeen,
resigned, in accordance with the recommendation of the Medical

On motion, the Board adjourned until to-morrow morning at
10 o'clock

Jas Jones,
Charles P. Jones

The Board met in pursuance of adjournment on yesterday.

Present: The same members as on yesterday, with the exception
of Mr. Glass, who was excused on account of pressing
engagements elsewhere.

Resolved- That the resignation of Dr. Hugh T. Nelson as
instructor in Clinical Surgery is hereby accepted. And in
view of Dr. Nelson's long services in connection with the
Clinical teaching at the University he is hereby appointed
consulting Surgeon to the University Hospital.


Resolved- The Medical Faculty is authorized to divide
the work of Clinical Instruction among the instructors as
may be deemed best for the interests of the University, due
consideration being given to technical training and peculiar
personal fitness. For the present, the duty of instruction
in Clinical Surgery hitherto discharged by H. T. Nelson is
to be divided between Drs. J. H. Browning & Wm Randolph.

Resolved- That the Bierly Scholarship for the ensuing
session be awarded to Mr. Jesse W. Downey, on the nomination
of Albert S. Brown, Esq.

Resolved- The Proctor is authorized to purchase and present
to Henry Martin, the Janitor of the University, a suit
of clothes at a cost not to exceed $2500

Resolved- That the permission of the Board of Visitors
be given to have the capitals of the columns on the Rotunda
front and rear carved in accordance with the design of the
capitals on the old Rotunda.

And that the thanks of the Board be tendered to Mr.
John L. Williams for his generous offer to provide the funds
for said work.

And that the execution of this work be committed to a
Committee to consist of Col. Thomas H. Carter, Supt. of Grounds
& Buildings, W. M. Thornton, and C. W. Kent.

Resolved- That the resignation of Col Wm E. Peters from
the Chair of Latin in this University which was received this
day be, and is hereby, accepted at his request.

In accepting this resignation, the Board of Visitors desires
to record its profound appreciation of the zeal, success,


thoroughness, and power with which Col. Peters has discharged
through thirty-seven years the high and responsible duties of
this professorship- of the contribution he has made to the
fame of this seat of learning, and to express especially its
gratitude for the inflexible standards of scholarship maintained
throughout his administration of this School.

Resolved- further- that Col. Wm E. Peters be requested
to continue his associations with the University, and to this
end he be elected Emeritus Professor of Latin, without compensation,
in the University of Virginia, with authority to sit
with the Faculty in all of its deliberations and share in its

Resolved- That the salary of the Chairman of the Faculty
for the future shall not exceed the sum of $50000 in addition
to his pay as a Professor.

Resolved- The election of a Chairman of the Faculty be,
and is hereby, postponed until the Fall meeting of this Board
and that Professor Barringer be requested to continue to discharge
the duties of the office until his successor is elected,
he to receive a proportionate amount of the salary for the time.

Resolved- The Proctor is authorized to pay Prof. W. J.
Humphreys $100 00 for special work done in the Physical Laboratory.

Resolved- That the action of the Chairman of the Faculty
in ruling that no part of the emoluments pertaining to Alumni
Scholarships shall be used in the prosecution of professional
courses at the University, be sustained.


Resolved- That recommendation No. 13 in Report of the
Faculty relative to the Law Department be hereafter considered,
and that the Exhibit accompanying it be typewritten
under the Secretary's direction for the use of the Board.

The following communication was received from the Faculty
and approved.

"In view of the protest by the M. A. Class in the School
of Romance Languages in regard to the graduation of Mr. L
Patton, be it

Resolved— That Professor R. H. Wilson should be required,
promptly on his return from Europe, to explain to the Faculty
and to the Visitors his failure and alleged refusal to comply
with the laws of the University in respect to the holding of

That a copy of this resolution be sent to the Visitors
for their approval, and that it be at once sent to Professor
Wilson by an official letter."

Resolved- That the sum of $1000.00 be appropriated for
the purchase of fourteen microscopes for the use of the Medical
Department in accordance with the recommendation No. 14
of the Faculty.

Resolved: That the recommendations of the Faculty and
all other matters relative to the Library be referred to the
Library Committee for consideration and report at the next
meeting of the Board.

Resolved: That the sum of $125000, or so much thereof
as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated for the installation


of a cold storage plant for the Anatomical Department
and $10000 for the cost of running said plant one year.

Resolved- That the application of H. Norrick for an
increase in salary, which is accompanied by the endorsement
of the Proctor and Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings
be granted, and said salary is increased to $100000
per annum.

This application is accompanied by the statement that
no further request for increased compensation will hereafter
be asked by this employee, and it is granted upon this understanding.

Resolved- That the disposition of the pavilion now occupied
by Col. Peters be postponed until the October meeting
of the Board.

Resolved- That the Proctor pay to Mr. Geo. W. Breck the
sum of $2615, being amount of expenses paid by him in travelling
from New York to Charlottesville, when he superintended
the placing of the new copy of the School of Athens in
the Auditorium, this sum being in full of the whole amount
due to Mr. Breck.

The Finance Committee submitted its Report which upon
being read and considered, on motion the same was received,
approved, adopted, and ordered to be spread upon the minutes
of the Board.

Said Report is in the following words and figures, to-wit

"Your Finance Committee respectfully reports the following


—Estimate of Receipts for the Session of 1902-3.—

From State Annuity  $ 50,000.00 
From State Special Appropriation (1 yr. only)  10,000.00 
From Corcoran Fund  6,000.00 
From Miller Fund  6,000.00 
From Linden Kent Fund  3,000.00 
From Astronomical Fund  4,455.00 
From Madison & Gordon funds Library  456.00 
From Byrd funds Library  460.00 
From Mason Fellowship  210.00 
From Brown Scholarship  120.00 
From Birely Scholarship  220.00 
From Rents of two hotels  540.00 
From Rents of One mess-hall  180.00 
From Rents of School House - remodelled  125.00 
From Rents of Temperance Hall  544.00 
From Rents of Infirmary  450.00 
From Rents of Alumni Hall  400.00 
Carried Forward  $ 83,160.00 
Brought Forward  $ 83,160.00 
From Rents of Cottage  48.00 
From Rents of Blacksmith Shop.  36.00 
From Electric Lights  700.00 
From Steam Heat for residents  177.50 
From Interest on sinking fund (reinvestment)  2,244.00 
From Deferred payments on fees (estimated)  600.00 
From Students, under all heads- 600 $110.,  66,000.00 
Total Receipts  $152,965.50 


Out of the Current Receipts the following disbursements
are to be made:

To Salaries of Instructors  $ 74,600.00 
To Salaries of Officers  5,350.00 
To Fellowships & Scholarships  4,500.00 
To Interest & Sinking Fund.  21,464.00 
To Wages of Employees  7,473.00 
To Working Expenses  16,726.00 
To Miscellaneous  18,926.15 
To Deficit 1901-2  586.92 
To Balance  3,289.43 

———Itemized Statement of Expenditures Authorized———







Salaries of Instructors. 
23 Professors $3000,  $69,000.00 
1 Instructor in Latin   800.00 
1 Instructor in Physics   800.00 
1 Instructor in Engineering   600.00 
1 Instructor in Materia Medica  300.00 
1 Demonstrator of Anatomy   800.00 
1 Demonstrator of Pathology & Biology   800.00 
1 Director of Gymnasium   1,500.00  $ 74,600.00 
Salaries of Officers 
1 Chairman of Faculty  $ 500.00 
1 Proctor & Supt. Grounds & Buildings  2,000.00 
1 Secretary of Visitors  100.00 
1 Secretary of Faculty  800.00 
1 Clerk of Proctor  1,000.00 
1 Librarian  800.00 
1 Commissioner of Accounts.  150.00  $ 5,350.00 
Fellowships & Scholarships. 
1 Teutonic Language Fellowship  $ 200.00 
1 English Literature Fellowship  200.00 
3 Astronomical Fellowship  1,050.00 
1 Biological Fellowship  300.00 
1 Mason Fellowship  210.00 
1 Brown Scholarship  120.00 
1 Birely Scholarship  220.00 
3 Miller Scholarship  750.00 
1 Miller Scholarship (special)  300.00 
6 State Public School Scholarship  1,200.00  $ 4,550.00 
Interest & Sinking Fund. 
Interest on Old debt  $ 5,170.00 
Interest on New debt  10,000.00 
Interest on sinking fund(reinvested)  2,244.00 
Sinking Fund - Old debt.  2,050.00 
Sinking Fund - New debt.  2,000.00  $ 21,464.00 
Wages of Employees. 
University Artisan, Noreck  $ 1,000.00 
Engineer & Fireman  630.00 
Day Policeman & Boss of Hands  480.00 
Night Policeman & Watchman  360.00 
1 Janitor of Rotunda  300.00 
1 Janitor of Anatomical Hall  240.00 
1 Janitor of Chemical Laboratory  135.00 
1 Janitor of Medical Hall  135.00 
1 Janitor of Museum  180.00 
1 Janitor of Gymnasium  225.00 
1 Janitor of Dispensary  108.00 
3 Janitor of New Buildings  450.00 
2 Janitor of Randall Building  270.00 
1 Messenger Chairman's Office  120.00 
6 Laborers & Teamsters $15 per mo.  1,080.00 
18 Dormitory Servants  1,760.00  $ 7,473.00 
Working Expenses 
Library (Madison, Gordon, & Byrd, 1902-3)  $ 916.00 
Astronomical Department  405.00 
Physical Department  300.00 
Chemical Department  350.00 
Geological Department  25.00 
Engineering Department  300.00 
Biological Department  $ 350.00 
Pathological Department  250.00 
Medical Department (provided for by
per cap charges.) 
Law Department  500.00 
Law Library - Special  500.00 
Hospital (including rent of Infirmary)  3,650.00 
Dispensary  400.00 
Gymnasium  450.00 
Fuel for Heat & Electric Lights  3,000.00 
Gas  250.00 
Reservoir & Water  180.00 
Diplomas  200.00 
Printed Blanks  200.00 
Catalogues & Alumni Bulletin  1,500.00 
Advertising  3,000.00  $ 16,726.00 
Repairs  $ 5,000.00 
Do for Electric Plant  500.00 
Commutation of Rents - 11 Professors.  3,300.00 
Contingent Fund  1,750.00 
Fire Insurance  675.00 
Chairs for Law Lecture Room  300.00 
Microscopes  1,000.00 
Cold Storage, Anatomical Dept.  1,250.00 
Isolation Ward, conditioned  2,000.00 
Dr. W. J. Humphreys  100.00 
General Alumni Association  150.00 
Removal of School House  800.00 
Athletic Assn. (for Mule etc)  150.00 
Geo. W Breck's Expenses  26.15 
Final Reception  150.00 
Alumni Luncheon  150.00 
School of Methods  1,500.00 
Henry Martin  25.00 
Cold Storage Plant (Running Exp.1 year)  100.00  $ 18,926.15 
D. Harmon,

On motion the Board adjourned sine die.

Jas Jones

Charles P. Jones


At a called meeting of the Board of Visitors held in
Richmond, Va. on July 17, 1902.

Present The Rector, & Members. Miles, Bryan, & Wallace.

The following resolution, in regard to recommendation No.
10, Faculty Report 1902-3, on which action was deferred at the
regular annual meeting, was passed-:

Ordered by the Visitors that:

Section 165 of the Laws of the University, as revised in 1900
be, and is hereby, amended by the addition at the end of the
section of the following words-

"In lieu of the three electives at large to be taken from
among the courses of the Academic Department, the first year
course in Law, or the first year course in Medicine, or any
three courses in Engineering may be offered for the degree of
Bachelor of Arts—the candidate paying in each case the proper
department fees.

In the case of a student of Medicine, or of Engineering,
the studies elected must satisfy the requirements of the Academic

Resolved - The sum of $1250 00 heretofore appropriated
for the installation of a cold storage plant in connection
with the anatomical department of the University be & is hereby
increased to such a sum not exceeding $2000. as may be necessary
to complete said plant, provided before beginning said
work the Proctor shall make such contracts as will insure the
completion of the plant within the sum of $2000. above mentioned.


Resolved - That the Board of Visitors of the University
of Va. do hereby nominate to the Senate of Virginia, Dr. Chas.
W. Kent of the Faculty of the University of Va. as one of the
list of eligibles for election by the Senate to membership on
the School Board of the State of Va. according to article IX,
Section 130 of the Constitution of Virginia.

On motion the Board adjourned sine die.

Jas Jones,
Charles P. Jones