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  • Maj. J. Marshall Hanger, President.

  • Judge E. C. Burks, 1st Vice-President.

  • Prof. S. O. Southall, 2nd Vice-President.

  • Prof. C. S. Venable, Secretary and Treasurer.


  • A. R. Blakey,

  • W. C. N. Randolph,

  • R. T. W. Duke,

  • W. R. Abbot,

  • N. H. Massie,

  • Thos. D. Ransom,

  • W. A. Quarles,

  • C. S. Venable.

The society holds its meetings at the close of the session. An orator
or an essayist is annually appointed by the Society from among its members,
and the oration or essay is delivered in the Public Hall, on the
Public Day.


The following Associations of Alumni have been formed for the purpose
of maintaining a close connection with the University, and of
furthering the cause of education and letters in harmony with the plan
and standard of the parent institution:

  • Albemarle Co., Va.—W. J. Robertson, President.

  • R. H. Carter, Vice-Presidents.

  • W. W. Minor, Sr., Vice-Presidents.

  • B. H. Macgruder, Vice-Presidents.

  • R. T. W. Duke, Vice-Presidents.

  • G. Perkins, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • S. V. Southall, Executive Committee.

  • J. M. White, Executive Committee.

  • W. O. English, Executive Committee.

  • T. S. Martin, Executive Committee.

  • J. M. McBryde, Executive Committee.

  • G. Perkins, Executive Committee.

  • St. Louis, Mo.—James O. Broadhead, President.

  • John Wickham, Vice President.

  • William C. Marshall, Treasurer.

  • L. C. P. Ellerbe, Secretary.

  • New York.—F. R. Rives, President.

  • J. Bolling, Secretary.


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  • Alexandria, Va.—W. D. Stuart, President.

  • R. S. Stringfellow, 1st Vice President,

  • John S. Blackburn, 2nd Vice President,

  • K. Kemper, Secretary,

  • Linden Kent, Executive Committee.

  • George Mason, Executive Committee.

  • C. E. Stuart, Executive Committee.

  • S. C. Neale, Executive Committee.

  • Petersburg, Va.—Thomas Withers, M. D., President.

  • Col. Fletcher H. Archer, Vice President.

  • W. Gordon M'Cabe, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Richmond, Va.—Col. John B. Young, President.

  • Col. H. P. Jones, 1st Vice President.

  • W. H. Haxall, 2nd Vice President.

  • R. E. Withers, 3rd Vice President.

  • Philip Haxall, Secretary.

  • W. B. Isaacs, Jr., Treasurer.

  • President ex-officio. Executive Committee.

  • H. D. Davidson, Executive Committee.

  • T. R. Joynes, Executive Committee.

  • S. H. Pulliam, Executive Committee.

  • J. P. Cocke, Executive Committee.

  • Fredericksburg, Va.—Hon. Wm. S. Barton, President.

  • John L. Marye, Jr., Vice President.

  • Wm. A. Lane, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Lower Shenandoah Valley,
    Col. Thomas T. Fauntleroy, President.

  • A. Magill Smith, Vice President.

  • Gov. F. W. M. Holliday, Vice President.

  • Alexander R. Pendleton, Secretary.

  • Augusta County,
    Staunton, &c.
    Hon. A. H. H. Stuart, President.

  • Wm. Frazier, 1st Vice President.

  • Dr. A. M. Fauntleroy, 2nd Vice President.

  • Major Marshall Hanger, 3rd Vice President.

  • Captain Charles D. McCoy, Secretary.

  • Meade F. White, Treasurer.

  • Lynchburg, Va.—R. G. H. Kean, President.

  • Dr. Thomas L. Walker, Vice President.

  • New Orleans, La.—Wm. M. Burwell, President.

  • T. L. Macon, Vice President.

  • J. H. Kennard, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Maryland.—R. M. Venable, President.

  • Dr. J. Pembroke Thom, 1st Vice President.

  • J. M. Garnett, 2nd Vice President.

  • H. R. Noel, 3rd Vice President.

  • W. R. Downman, 4th Vice President.

  • H. C. Turnbull, 5th Vice President.

  • M. R. Walter, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Southwestern Va.
    —Hon. John W. Johnston, President.

  • Hon. William Terry, Vice President.

  • Dr. Robert J. Preston, Vice President.

  • Dr. Harvey Black, Vice President.

  • Capt. John M. Preston, Vice President.

  • Prof. C. E. Vawter, Vice President.

  • M. R. Venable, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Columbia, Tenn.—W. A. Smith, M. D., President.

  • Hugh T. Gordon, Secretary.

  • Watkins Fleming, Treasurer.