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The course of lectures in this School commences with
such an exposition of the phenomena and laws of Heat,
Light and Electricity, as is rendered necessary by their
relations to chemical changes and chemical theories.

The subject of Chemistry proper is then taken up and
presented in the following order:

1. The history of the Metalloids and their combinations
with each other, and, in connection therewith, the exposition
of the principles of the Chemical Nomenclature, Symbols
and Notation.

2. The general principles of Chemical Philosophy—
including the Laws of Combination, the Atomic Theory and
Theory of Volumes, Simple and Current Affinity, &c.

3. The Metals—their combinations with the Metalloids,
and their saline combinations.

4. Organic Chemistry—including the general principles
of Organic Analysis, and the detailed consideration of the
series of Hydrocarbons, Alcohols, Ethers, Organic Acids
and Bases, &c.


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The processes for detecting Poisons, and the means of
counteracting their effects, are presented in their proper
connections; and throughout the course the applications of
the facts and principles of Chemistry to Medicine, Agriculture
and the Arts are duly noticed. The whole subject is
presented in the lights of the modern Theories of the science,
which have recently gained so strong a foothold throughout
the Chemical world—the object being to place the student
in a position not only to enter, understandingly, upon any
of the practical applications of the science to which his
attention may be turned, but to keep pace with its development
and progress.

Text-Book.—Fownes' Chemistry, last edition.