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The subjects taught in this school are the Latin Language
and Literature, with the history of Rome. The School is
divided into three classes: Junior, Intermediate and Senior.

The Text-Books are—

  • 1. Junior Class—Cæsar, Ovid, Sallust.

  • 2. Intermediate Class—Cicero, Virgil, Terence, Livy.

  • 3. Senior Class—Cicero, Horace, Livy, Juvenal, Tacitus.

Grammars.—Zumpt's, Gildersleeve's, Harrison's Exposition
of the Laws of the Latin Language.

Lexicons.—Andrew's, or Freund's Leverett.

History.—Browne's Roman Literature, Liddell's Rome,
Long's Atlas.

Instruction is given by lectures and by examinations upon
the portions of text assigned for recitation. The exercises
of rendering Latin into English, and English into Latin,
in writing, constitute a prominent feature in the course. In
addition to the portions of the several authors read in the
lecture room, a course of extra and parallel reading is
required in each class.

Sanskrit.—The Professor of Latin will also give instruction
in Sanskrit.

Text-Books.—Monier Williams' Grammar, Benfey's Lexicon,
selections from the Mahâ-Bhârata.