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These are partly oral and partly in writing, and are conducted by
the Professor of the School, in the presence of two other Professors,
forming with him the committee of examination for the school.
Here the student is subjected to searching interrogations upon the
details and niceties as well as the leading principles of the subject,
and he is expected to be accurately versed in all the topics treated
of in the lectures and the correlative texts.

As a due acquaintance with our own language is made indispensable
to the attainment of even the inferior honors of the University,

all candidates for degrees are subjected to an examination,
in order to test their qualifications in this respect. At this, which
is called the English Examination, and is held near the close
of the session, the student is called upon to correct in writing numerous
errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and is required
to prepare at the time a short composition on some appointed theme.