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1. General or Rational Mechanics; consisting of Statics and
Dynamics, or the doctrines of Equilibrium and Motion, and their
various applications.


Page 14

2. Mechanics of Solids.—Molecular Structure of Solids, Excitement
and Transfer of Force, Elements of Machinery, Friction,
Strength of Materials, Motive Powers, &c.

3. Mechanics of Liquids.—Molecular Structure, Resulting
Laws of Equilibrium and Pressure, Flotation, Specific Gravities,
Waves, Motions through Pipes, &c., Resistance, Hydraulic
Machines, &c.

4. Mechanics of Airs.—Molecular Structure, Elasticity, &c.;
Atmosphere, Barometers and Formulæ, Resistance, Pneumatic
Machines, Hydro-Pneumatic do., &c.

5. Capillarity and Endosmose.—Laws and Theory of Capillarity,
Laws of Diffusion, &c.

6. Acoustics.—Mechanism of Molecular Vibrations, Sound-waves,
Propagation and Reflection, Musical Vibration of Chords,
&c.' Musical Scales and Instruments, Speech and Hearing, &c.

7. Thermotics or Heat.—Temperature, Expansion, Latent and
Specific Heat, Heat of Combination, Conduction, &c.; Melloni's
Laws, Vapours, Metereology, Steam Engine, &c.

8. Electricity.—1st. Mechanical. Excitation, Conduction, &c.;
Atmospheric; 2d. Chemical. Excitation, Transfer, Effects, &c.;
Natural Sources and Application of Electricity, &c.

9. Magnetism.—1st. Statical. Induction, Distribution, &c.;
Magnetism of Globe, Dip, &c.; 2d. By Currents. Electro-Magnetic
Phenomena and Laws, Thermo-Electricity, &c.

10.—Optics.—Propagation, Reflection, Refraction of Light;
Chromatics, Dispersion, Polarization, &c.; Theories, Optical
Instruments, Photography, the Eye, &c.