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The expenses for the session of upwards of ten months.
(commencing the 10th of September, and ending the 20th of
July following,) are as follows:—

Board, including bed and other room furniture, washing
and attendance 
Fuel and candles, to be furnished by the Proctor, at
cost, and 5 per cent commission estimated, if only
one student in the dormitory at $30,—if two students
in the dormitory at 
Rent of an entire dormitory $16; for half, if occupied
by two students 
Use of the library and public rooms  15 
Fees—if one professor be attended $50; if two, each
$30; if more than two, each $25 
Total (exclusive of books and stationary, clothing and

Boarding-houses are provided within the precincts for the
accommodation of students; and no student is permitted to
board or lodge out of the precincts, unless in the family of his
parent or guardian, or of some particular friend approved by


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the Faculty. Except, that students above the age of twenty
years, may reside out of the precincts, in such private boarding-houses
as the Faculty may approve.

Every student resident within the precincts is required, on
matriculating, to deposit with the Patron, all the money,
checks, bills, drafts, and other available funds, which he shall
have in his possession, or under his control, in any manner
intended to defray his expenses while at the University, or on
his return from thence to his residence. Nor shall he matriculate,
till he shall have deposited a sum at least sufficient,
after deducting the Patron's commission, (two per cent.) to pay
for the use of his dormitory and the public rooms, to pay the
fees of the professors whom he may design to attend, to pay
three months' board to his hotel-keeper, and to purchase the
text-books and stationary which he may want at the commencement;
and ten dollars to cover contingent charges and
assessments against him for injuries to the buildings, &c. In
like manner, he shall deposit with the Patron all the funds
which he shall receive while a student of the University, for
the purposes aforesaid. At the end of the first three months
of the session, he shall deposit enough to pay his board and
other expenses for the next three months; and at the expiration
of the second period of three months, he shall deposit
enough to pay his board and other expenses for the residue of
the session.

Students resident out of the University are required, on
matriculating, to deposit with the Patron funds sufficient,
after deducting the Patron's commission, to pay the fees of the
professors whom they propose to attend, the sum charged for
the use of the public rooms, and ten dollars to cover contingent

The expenses of the students resident in the University, are
limited as follows:—for board, the use of dormitory and public
rooms, and tuition fees, the sums before stated; for clothing
during the session, a sum not exceeding a hundred dollars;
for pocket money during the session, not exceeding forty
dollars; for books and stationary, whatever the parent or
guardian may think fit to allow; for medicine and medical
attendance whatever may be necessary. These limits are in
no case to be exceeded, unless under special circumstances,
the Faculty shall allow it. Resident students are forbidden
to contract any debts whatsoever; but for every thing purchased,
they are forthwith to pay, or to draw upon a fund in
the hands of the Patron applicable thereto.

Students, wherever resident, are required to wear the


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uniform prescribed by the enactments; consisting of cloth of
a dark gray mixture, at a price not exceeding six dollars a

At the end of every month, a circular is addressed by the
Chairman of the Faculty to the parent or guardian of each
student, in which are stated his absences from the lectures
he was bound to attend, and other irregularities of which
he may have been guilty, that month; together with such information
as to the student's progress and conduct as it may
be deemed proper to communicate.

There are in the University, teachers of Elocution, Music,
Fencing and Dancing, authorised by the Faculty to give instruction
in those accomplishments to such students as wish
to acquire them.

A military corps has been formed by the students, and an
instructor appointed, for the purpose of learning military
tactics. One afternoon in the week is devoted to these exercises;
but it is at the option of the student whether he will
engage in them.