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Three honorary distinctions are conferred in this Institution;
a certificate of proficiency—that of graduate in any school—and
that of Master of Arts of the University of Virginia.

The first, the Faculty may confer on any student who shall,
on examination, give satisfactory evidence of a competent acquaintance
with any of those particular branches which, according
to the regulations, may be separately attended in a
school. The second, they are authorised to confer on any
student who shall, on examination, give satisfactory evidence
of his proficiency in the general studies of any of the schools.


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And the third, is obtained by graduation, in the schools of Antient
Languages, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry,
and Moral Philosophy. But in all cases, to obtain a diploma,
or a certificate of proficiency, the candidate must give
the Faculty satisfactory proof of his ability to write the
English language correctly.

No particular period of study is prescribed for the acquisition
of these honors. The student obtains them whenever he
can undergo the rigid examinations to which the candidates
for them are subjected.

The title of Doctor of Medicine is conferred on the graduate
in the Medical Department.

On the last day of the session, the Visitors, Faculty, Officers
and Students, assemble in the Rotunda, and the public are
invited to attend. On this occasion, the certificates and diplomas
are awarded to the successful candidates, the results of
the examinations are announced, and orations are delivered
and essays read by Students appointed for that purpose.