University of Virginia Library


To be admitted into the University, the student must he
sixteen years of age; but the Faculty are authorised to dispense
with this requisition in the case of application for admission
by two brothers, one of whom is under the age of

If the applicant for admission has been a student at any
other incorporated seminary, he cannot be received, but on
producing a certificate from such seminary, or other satisfactory
evidence to the Faculty, with respect to his general
good conduct.

Every student is free to attend the schools of his choice, and
no other than he chooses; provided, that if under the age of
twenty-one, he shall attend at least three professors, unless
he has the written authority of his parent or guardian, or the
Faculty shall for good cause shewn allow him, to attend less
than three. The qualifications of the student to enter the
Schools of Antient Languages, Mathematics, and Natural
Philosophy, are tested by previous examinations.

Before a student matriculates, he is furnished with a copy
of the laws, which he is required to read. On matriculating,
he signs a written declaration, that he will conform to those
laws, and, if he be a resident student, that he has deposited
with the Patron all the funds in his possession.