University of Virginia Library

Friday With RMC

Glee Club Sings


Joining with the University Glee
Club Friday night in its first public
showing of the year will be the
singers from Randolph-Macon College,
under the direction of R.D.

In this annual Openings Concert,
the two groups will combine to
perform an "Alleluia" chorus from
Handel, and then separate for
individual efforts.

Initiating the evening's program
at 7:30, the Randolph-Macon Glee
Club will present two medieval
works arranged by Mr. Ward, one a
troubadour and the other a processional,
both accompanied by percussion
and flute sections. The bulk
of their presentation will be a
selection of Gustav Holst entitled
"Dirge for Two Veterans."

Under the direction of Donald
Leach, the Virginia singers will
begin with their major selection, a
piece written by the former Chairman
of the music department,
Randall Thompson. In this well-known
work, "Testament of Freedom,"
Mr. Thompson depicts the
hardships of the Spanish revolution
in "Tarantella."

Lightening the mood a bit, the
Virginia Club will move on to
several hunting songs by German
author Robert Schumann, describing
the aspects of the sport, ranging
from scenic sunrises to tragic mishaps.

Another work of local interest,
"Summer Songs" by former Glee
Club member Mike Stillman and
arranged by  David Davis , the
ex-Chairman of the University's
music department, who is now a
Hollywood theme writer, runs the
gamut of emotions from the beautiful
"Love is a Green Girl" to the
ridiculous "Little Polly Ethylene."

The club will then end their
sections with the singing of two
football songs, complete with
"Rahs, rahs"-and "Wahoo wahs."

The concert will begin at 7:30
p.m. Friday in Old Cabell Hall
auditorium. Admission is $0.50 for
students and $1 for non-students.
Tickets are available in advance and
at the door.