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Vols  Size. 
Abbott, on Shipping. London, 1801 
Aherly Britanni Constitution, London, 1727 
Aleyn's Reports, London, 1790 
Ambler's Reports, London, 1790 
Anderson's Reports, London, 1661 
Andrew's Reports, London, 1792 
Argumentum Anti-Normannicum, 162 
Ashe's Tables, London, 1614 
Akyn's Reports, London, 1781 
Azuni, Maritii Law, Fr. Paris, 1798 
Bacon's Abridgement, by Gwillam, London, 1807 
Bacon's (Francis) Law Tracts, London, 1740 
Barues's Notes, London, 1790 
Baron and Feme, London, 1788 
Barrington's Observations, London, 1796 
Barton's Elements of Conveyaning London, 1810 
Barton's Suit in Equity, London, 1796 
Beaver's Translation of the Roman Law, by Ferrire
Beawe's Lex Mercatoria, Chitty, London, 1813 
Beller's Universal Law, London, 1750 
Benlow's Reports, London, 1689 
Benloc's Reports, London, 1660 
Blackstone's Reports, London, 1790 
Blackstone's Law Tracts, Oxford, 1771 
Blackstone's Commentaries, Christian, London, 1793 
Blackstone's Analysis, Oxford, 1758 
Blackstone's (H.) Reports, London, 1781 
Blount's Law Dictionary, by Nelson, London, 1717 
Bohem's English Lawyer, London, 1732 
Bohem's Introduction to the study of the Laws of England,
Bohem's Privileges of London, London 1723 
Booth, on Real Actions, Hill, London 1811 
Bosanquet & Puller's Reports, London 1814 
Bosanquet & Piller's New Reports, London, 1806 
Boucher, Maratie Law, French. Paris, 1803 
Boucher, Commercial Institutions. Fr. Paris, 1801 
Bracton, on Law, Latin, London, 1569 
Bridgman's Conveyances, London, 1725 
Bridgman's Reports, London, 1659 
Bridgman's Law of Charitable uses, London, 1803 
Bridgman's Digest, by R O Bridgman, London, 1822 
Brevium, Thesaurus of, Latin, London, 1689 
Brisson, on the Signification of Words which pertain to
the Law,
Brooke's Abridgement, London, 1776 
Brownlow's & Goldsborough's Reports, London, 1675 
Brown's Reports, by Belt, London, 1820 
Brown's (G.) Remarks, London, 1701 
Browne's Civil Law, London, 1802 
Bullet's Nisi Prius, by Bridgman, London, 1817 
Bulstrode's Reports, London, 1657 
Burlamaquo, Principles of Natural Law, French, Geneva,
Burn's Justice, by hetwynd London, 1823 
Burn's Elesiastical Law, London, 1824 
Burr's Trial, by Robertson, Philadelphia, 1808 
Burrow's Reports, London, 1790 
Butler's Horae Juridicae, London, 1807 
Butler's on the legality of impressing Seamen, London,
Bynkershock's Works, Latin, Leyden, 1752 
Bynkershock's Works, complete, Leyden, 1767 
Call's Reports, by Tate, Richmond, 1824 
Calthrop's Reports, London,  12 
Calvin, Juridical Lexicon, London, 1759 
Canon Law, Body of, Lancelotti, Latn Venice, 172 
Cartlrew's Reports, London, 1741 
Carter's Reports, London, 1688 
Cary's Reports, London, 1820  12 
Cave's British Liberties, London, 1766 
Chancery Cases, London, 1735 
Chancery Cases, London, 1725 
Chancery, Practice in the Court of, 1694 
Chitty's Law of Nations, London, 1812 
Chitty's on Bills of Exchange, London, 1822 
Chitty's on Pleading, London, 1825 
Chetwynd Treatise on Fines, London, 1773 
Clerk, Practice of the English Court of Admiralty.
Latin, London, 1679
Clerk of the Peace, Duties of, 1726 
Gobbett's State Trials by Herwell, See State Trials
Code of Humanity, 1778
Code, Theodosian, Ritterus, Leipsic, 1736 
Code, See Polities, 
Coke's Entries, London, 1761 
Coke's Reports, by Wilson, London, 1776 
Coke's upon Littleton, by Hargrave and Butler, London,
Coke's Littleton, abridged by Hawkins, London,
Coke's First Institute with Notes. by Hargrave and Thomas,
London, 1818
Collectanea Juridica, Latin, London, 
Collis's Parliamentary Cases, 1697 to 1709, Dublin, 1789 
Collier's Law of Patents, London, 1803 
Comberbach's Reports, London, 1724 
Complete, Arbitrator, London, 1744 
Common Law, Treatise on London, 1720 
Comyn's Digest, Hammond, London, 1822 
Comyn's Reports, Rose London, 1792 
Conset's Practice of the Law, London, 1700 
Cooper's Justinian, Philadelphia, 1812 
Cooper's (G.) Cases in Chancery, London, 1815 
Custms of Normandy, 1537 
Cotton's Records, London, 1657 
Coswell's Interpreter, London, 1658 
Cowper's Reports, London, 1800 
Cox's Cases in Equity, London, 1816 
Craig's (Sir Thomas) Foedal Law, Ballie, Latin, Edinburgh,
Cranch's Reports, New-York, 1812 
Croke's Reports, London, 1683 
Crown Circuit Companion, by Minehin and Herbert,
London, 1820
Crown Laws, Latin, 1680 
Cruis's Digest, London, 1824 
Cumberland's Law of Nature, by Maxwell, London, 
Cunningham's Reports, London, 1770 
Cunningham's Law Dictionary, London, 1783 
Cunningham's on Bills, London, 1778 
Dallas's Reports, Philadelphia, 1806 
Dalrymple's Feudal Tenures, London, 1759 
Dalton's Country Justice, London, 1690 
Dalton's Sheriffs, London, 1700 
D'Anver's Abridgement, London, 1725 
Davy's Reports London, 1628 
Dicken's Reports, Wyatt, London, 1803 
Doctrine of Pleading, London, 1677 
Domat's Civil Law, London, 1757 
Dominion of the Sea, London, 
Douglass' Reports Frere, London, 1818 
Dumont, Theory of Punishments, Fr. Paris, 1818 
Durnford's & East's Reports, London, 1817 
Dunco b's Trials, London, 1766 
East's Pleas of the Crown, London, 1803 
Eden's Philosophy of Jurisprudence, Oxford, 1744 
Equity Cases, Abridged, London, 1793 Oxford, 1744 
English Liberties, by Care, London, 1719 
Erskine's Rights of Juries by Blanchard, London, 1785 
Erskine's Sphcs, See Miscell. 
Espinasse's Nisi Prius, London, 1812 
Espinasse's Penal Statutes. London, 1813 
Evans's Decisions of Mansfield, London, 
Fearne's Posthumous Works, Shadwell, London, 1797 
Fearne's Contingent Remainders, Butler, London, 1824 
Fchte's (J. A.) Principles of the Law of Nature, German,
Jna, 1796
Finch, on Law, Pickering London, 1759 
Finch, Precedents in Chancery, London, 1786 
Fitz-Gibbon's Reports, London, 1732 
Fitzherbert's Abridgement 
Fitzherbert's Justice of the Peace, London, 1617 
Fleta, Selden, London, 1647 
Fonblanque's Equity, London, 1820 
Fortescue, on the English Laws, Lat. London, 1741 
Foster's Crown Law, Dodson, London, 1809 
Freeman's Reports by Dixon, London, 1742 
Francis's Maxims, London, 1728 
Furneau's Letters to Blackstone, London, 1771 
Geesi on the Penal Code of Romagnosi, See Romagnosi 
Gibson's Codex, Oxford, 1761 
Gilbert's Reports, 72 
Gilbert's Law of Executions, London, 1763 
Gilbert's on Rents, London, 1768 
Gilbert's Distresses, London, 1780 
Gilbert's on Trusts by Sugden, London, 1811 
Gilbert's Law of Evidence by Laftt, Dublin 1795 
Gilbert's on Tenures, Watkins & c. London, 18 
Gilbert's Chancery, London, 1768 
Gilbert's Exch London,
Gilbert, on Common Pleas, London, 1779 
Gilbert, on Cases in Law and Equity, Londen, 1760 
Gilbert, Devises, London, 1773 
Glanville, by Beames. London, 1812 
Godolphin, Orphan's Legacy, London, 1701 
Gravina, Rise and Progress of the Civil Law, Leipsic,
Green's Index, London, 1818 
Grotius, on War and Peace, with notes, by Barbeyrae,
London, 1738
Grotius, on the Law of War, Fr. Amsterdam,, 1724 
Grotius, Mare liberum Latin, Leyden, 1633  18 
Hakervel on Parliaments, Leyden, 1659  12 
Hale's Jurisdiction, London, 1796 
Hale's Pleas of the Crown, Emlyn, Wilson and Dougherty,
London, 1800
Hale's Pleas of the Crown, by Jacob, London; 1716 
Hale's History of the Common Law, by Rennington,
London, 1820
Hallifax's Analysis of the Roman and Civil Law, Cambridge,
Hall's Digested Indèx, Richmond, 1825 
Hammond's Nisi Prius, London, 1816 
Hand's Chancery, London, 1809 
Hand's Law of Patents, London, 1808 
Hardres's, Reports, London, 1693 
Hargrave's Collection of Tracts, London, 1787 
Hargrave's Juridical Arguments. London, 1797 
Hening & Munford's Reports, New-York, 
Hening's Statutes at Large, (2 copies) Richmand,  13 
Henry's Points in Manumission, London, 1817 
Hetley's Reports, London, 1657 
Historical Law Tracts, Edinburgh; 1761 
Hobart's Reports, London, 1724 
Holt's Reports, London, 1738 
Holt's Law of Libels, London, 1816 
Horne's Mirror of Justices, London, 1768 
Hutton's Reports, London, 1556 
Jacob's Law Dictionary, by Tomlins, London, 17 7 
Jenkins' Reports, by Barlow, London, 1771 
Jenkinson's Collection of Treaties, London, 
Instructor Clericalis, London, 1721 
Johnson's Ecclesiastical Law, London, 1720 
Jones' (Sir W.) Reports, London, 1765 
Jones' (Sir Thomas) Reports, London, 178 
Jones, on Bailments, Nichols, London, 1823 
Jridal Writs, (See Officina Brevium) 
Ju-tian (See Pandeets) 
Ju-tian's Institutes, See Cooper, Theophilus, Vinnus, 
Kame's Equity, Edinburgh, 1825 
Kebler's Reports, London, 1685 
Kelham's Norman Dictionary, London, 1825 
Kelynge's Reports, London, 1764 
Kitchen, on Courts, Antrobus & Impey, London, 1675 
Lambard, concerning the Antient Laws of England,
Latin and Saxon, London, 1564
Lambard, concerning the Antient & c. Cambridge, 1644 
Lambard, Eirenarchia, or office of Justice of the Peace,
London, 1614
Lancelotti, Body of Canon Law, See "Corpus Juris Canonici" 
Lane's Reports, London, 167 
Latch's Reports, London, 1661 
Law School of Harvard University, catalogue of, 
Laws of the United States, 
Laws of the United States, by Colvin, 
Laws of Virginia, Richmond, 
Laws relating to Travellers and travelling, London, 1819 
Leach, on Crown Law, London, 1815 
Lee, on Captures in War, London, 103 
Leonard's Reports, Hughes, London, 1658 
Levinz's Reports, London, 1722 
Lunlavns, on the, Græco-Roman Canon and Civil
Law, Greek & Latin, Francfort, 1596
Ley's Reports, London, 1659 
Lilly's Reports, London, 1719 
Lilly's Practical Register, London, 17 
Lilly's Conveyancer, London, 1742 
Littleton's Reports, London, 1683 
Littleton's Tenures, Clarke, London, 1825  12 
Lofft's Reports, London, 1776 
Lutwyche's Reports, London, 1704 
Mac Nally's Rules of Evidence, London, 1802 
Madox's Firma Burgi, London, 1726 
Malyne's Law Merchant, London, 1686 
March's Reports, London, 1675 
Marshall, on Insurance, London, 1808 
Marshall's (C.) Reports, London, 1815 
Marten's Law of Nations, Cobbett, Phila. 1795 
Marten's on Pvateers, Horne, London, 1801 
Maule & Selwyn's Reports, London, 1814 
Merivale's Reports, London, 1817 
Modern Entries, Mallory, London, 1791 
Modern Reports Leach London, 1793  12 
y, on Maritime Law, Latin, London, 1778 
Mollyneaux, The case of Ireland being bound by Acts
of ariament, London, 1770
Moore's Reports, London, 118 
Moore's Reports, London, 1688 
Muchall, Doctor and Student London, 1815 
Muchall, Doctor and Student a very old edition, London,  12 
Munford's Reports, New-York, 
Nelson's Abridgement, London, 1725 
Newland on Contracts, London, 1806 
New Retorna Brevium, London, 1728 
Northingtons's Reports, by Eden, London, 1818 
Noy's Maxims, by Thewood, London, 1821  12 
Noy's Reports, London, 1656 
Oaths, Book of, London, 1715  12 
O Brevium, London, 1679 
Od on Usury, London, 1809 
Par's Reports, London, 1678 
Pands of Justian Pothier, Lat. Leyden, 1782 
Lex Parhamena, 
Peake's Law of Evidence, London, 1813 
Peltier's Trial, Adams, London, 1803 
Perkins, Laws of England, London, 1757 
Pettus, on Parliaments, London, 1680 
Petty's Parliamentary Law, London, 1739 
Petty's Antient Rights of the Commons of England, London,
Phillips Sheriff, London, 1808 
Pleading, Rules fo Latin, 1694 
Plowden's Reports London, 1779 
Pollexien's Reports, London, 1702 
Popham's Reports, London, 1656 
Postlethwayt's Dictionary of Trade and Commerce,
London, 1766
Pothier, on Obligations, Evans, London, 1806 
Puffendorf, on the Duty of Man, Leyden, 1769 
Puffendorf, Law of Nature by Barbeyrac, French, London,
Randolph's Reports, Richmond 
Richmond 1823 
Rastll's Entries London, 1670 
Rastll's Collection London, 1621 
Ray Reports, Bayley, London, 1790 
Ray Reports, Bayley, Dublin, 1793 
Rves's Two Tracts on Alien Laws, London, 1816 
Register of Briefs, Latin, London, 1687 
Rovisal, Code of 1819, Richmond, 1819 
Richardson's (K. B.) Practice, London, 1776 
Richardson's (C. P.) Practice, London, 1776 
Roberts, on the Statutes of Fraud, London, 1805 
Robinson's (C.) Admiralty Reports, London, 1812 
Robinson, (Th.) on Gavelkind, Wilson, London, 1822 
Rolle's Reports, London, 1675 
Rolle's Abridgment, London, 1668 
Romagnosi, Italian, Milan, 1807 
Roscoe's Penal Jurisprudence, London, 1819 
Runnington's Ejectments, London, 1781 
Rutherfȯrd's Institutes, Philadelphia, 1799 
Salkeld's Reports, Evans, London, 1795 
Salmasius de Testamentis, Latin, 2 copies, Leyden, 1648
and 1633
Salmon's State Trials, Lĺndon, 1738 
Savile's Reports, London, 1675 
Sayer's Reports, London, 1775 
Saunder's Reports, Williams &c. London, 1824 
Sayer's Law of Damages, London, 1770 
Sayer's Law of Costs, London, 1777 
Schlegel & roks Swedish Convoy, London, 1800 
Selden's Tracts, London, 1683 
Selden's Works, by Wilkins, Latin, London, 1726 
Selden's "Mare Clausum" Latin, London, 1635 
Selden, of the Jurisdíction in Parliaments, London, 
Select Cases in chancer, London, 1740 
Selwyn's Nisi Prius, London, 1824 
Sheppard's Abridgment, London, 1675 
Shower's Cases in Parliament, London, 1698 
Shower's Reports, Leach, London, 1794 
Siderfen's Reports, London, 1714 
Skinner's Reports, London, 1728 
Smith's Reports, London, 1806 
Somner, on Gavelkind, London, 1675 
Spelman's Concilia, Latin, London, 1639 
Spelman's English Works, London, 1727 
Spelman's Anglo-Saxon Laws, Latin; London, 1724 
Spelman's Law Terms, London, 1684  12 
State Trials, by Cobbett. 63 to 1817 London,  32 
Statutes at Large, from 9 Henry III to 5 George IV.
Staundford's Pleas of the Crown, London, 1601 
Stearns, on Real Actions, Boston, 1824 
Strange's Reports, London. 1782 
Student's Law Dictionary, London, 1740 
Style's Practical Register, London, 1770 
Style's Reports, London, 1658 
Study of the Law, Treatise on, London, 797 
Sullivan's Lectures on the Constitution and Laws of
England, Stuart, London, 1776
Swanston's Reports, London, 1821 
Swinburne, on Wills, London, 1803 
Swinburne, on Marriage, London, 1686 
Swinburne, on Wills, London, 1728 
Tauhton's Reports, London, 1814 
Taylor, on Gavelkind, London, 1663 
Termes of the Law, London, 1721 
Theophilus, Paraphrase of the Justinian Institutes, Lat.
Leyden, 1761
Tomlins, Juridical Repertory 
Tomlins, Law Dictionary, London, 1820 
Tothill's Court of Chancery, London, 1820  12 
Townshend's Judgments, London, 1659 
Tremaine's Pleas of the Crown, London, 1723 
Vattel's Law of Nations, London, 1793 
Vattel's Questions on Natural Law, Fr. Hague, 1763 
Vaughan's Reports, London. 1677 
Ventris's Reports, London. 1726 
Vernon's Reports, Raithby, London, 1806 
Vesey's Reports, by Belt, London, 1818 
cat, Law Vocabulary, Lat. Naples, 1760 
Viner's Abridgement, London, 79  24 
Viner's Supplement. London, 1799 
Vinnius Commentary on the Imperial Institutes, Heineccius
Latin, Leyden, 1767
Virginia Reports 1820-21, (2 copies) by Gilmer, Richmond,
Virginia Cases, by Brockenbrough & Holmes, Philadelphia,
Ward's Law of Nations, London, 1795 
Washington's Reprs, Philadelphia, 1823 
Watson's Clergy-Man's Law, London, 1747 
Wentworth's Office of Executions, Wilson, London, 1774 
William's (P.) Reports, by Cox, London, 1793 
William's Cases in Equity, London, 1792 
Willes's Reports, London, 1797 
Wickefort, the Ambassador and his Function, French,
Amsterdam, 10
Wilson's Reports, Dublin, 1784 
Wingate's Maxims, London. 1658 
Wingate's Britton, London. 1640  12 
Wooddeson's Lectures on the Laws of Eng. Lond 1793 
Wood's Institutes, London 1772 
Year. Books, London, 1678 
Yelverton's Reports, London, 1735 
Zouch's Juris et Judicii Fecialis, Lat. Oxford, 1650