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More Wonders of the Invisible World: Or, The Wonders of the Invisible World, Display'd in Five Parts.

Part I. An Account of the Sufferings of Margaret Rule, Written by the Reverend Mr. C. M.

P. II. Several Letters to the Author, etc. And his Reply relating to Witchcraft.

P. III. The Differences between the Inhabitants of Salem Village, and Mr. Parris their Minister, in New-England.

P. IV. Letters of a Gentleman uninterested, Endeavouring to prove the received Opinions about Witchcraft to be Orthodox. With short Essays to their Answers.

P. V. A short Historical Accou[n]t of Matters of Fact in that Affair.

To which is added, A Postscript relating to a Book intitled, The Life of Sir William Phips.

Collected by Robert Calef, Merchant, of Boston in New-England. Licensed and Entred according to Order.

London: Printed for Nath. Hillar, at the Princes-Arms, in Leaden-Hall-street, over against St. Mary-Ax, and Joseph Collyer, at the Golden-Bible, on London-Bridge. 1700.[158]



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