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See pp. 194-195.


That this London edition was printed, not from a manuscript copy, but from the printed Boston edition, broken up for the compositors, is clear to any printer who compares the two. See, for details, a paragraph in the N. Y. Nation for November 5, 1908 (LXXXVII. 435), or the descriptive note of G. F. Black in the New York Library's List of Works relating to Witchcraft in the United States (Bulletin, 1908, XII. 666). All extant copies of the Boston edition seem to have the title-page date “1693” (an alleged exception proves to be a myth); and this probably means that till January, at least, the book was withheld from circulation. As to all the early editions, see Moore, Notes on the Bibliography of Witchcraft in Massachusetts (American Antiquarian Society, Proceedings, n. s., V.), and the New York Library's List, as above.


The type being set from the first London edition, but the proofs read by the Boston one. (See Drake's preface, p. vii, and his postscript, p. 247.)