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William Barker, of Andover.




Bishop and Burroughs?


Martha Sprague.


Rose Foster.


Abigail Martin.


Elizabeth Johnson. Her daughter, of the same name, was also accused and confessed (see p. 382, note 4, above).


Abigail Falkner. She and her sister Elizabeth Johnson were daughters of the Rev. Francis Dane (or Deane), senior pastor at Andover, who seems from the first to have stood against the panic and who was largely instrumental in ending it. All those here accused were Andover folk, neighbors of Barker. See as to them Mrs. Bailey's chapter on “Witchcraft at Andover” (in her Historical Sketches of Andover).


George Burroughs.


Martha Carrier.


Abigail Falkner (see pp. 366, 420). “She was urged,” says the record, “to confes the truth for the creddit of hir Town,” but “she refused to do it, saying God would not require her to confess that that she was not guilty of” (Records of Witchcraft, II. 128-135, where may also be found the evidence against her). She was condemned, but not executed.


“Better investigation” — i.e., a writ for a fresh inquiry.