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A SLAVE'S STORY. [— COUNTY, VIRGINIA, February 23d, 1857.


A SLAVE'S STORY. [— COUNTY, VIRGINIA, February 23d, 1857.

To the Editor of Putnam's Monthly.

SIR:—I send you a sketch of a slave who died lately at my house, and who was once my property.

* * * * *

The slave-question is becoming more and more prominent, and I have thought it well to give a simple, faithful narrative of a slave's experience and views. The sketch has not been gotten up for effect, but has been written as an authentic illustration of the results, moral and physical, of the system. Though the owner of slaves, I have always advocated some plan of gradual emancipation by our own state, and, therefore, have no motive for concealing anything in relation to the effects of slavery. I have given, exactly, Ralph's narrative—many facts in which I could myself establish, and verify others by unquestionable evidence.

Your obedient servant, — —]