University of Virginia Library


I embrace this opportunity, My Dear
Friend, by Mr. Marshall, to tell you that
my health which had suffered a severe
shock by an attack of the malignant
disease lately prevalent here is now almost
completely restored. The last vestige of it
has been a nervous derangement; but this
has nearly yielded to Regimen, a certain
degree of exercise and a resolution to overcome it.

The political Campaign,
which is just opening, and which no doubt
in the course of it will present some
volcanic exhibitions, will put every good
man's fortitude and patience to a
severe trial. I have hitherto found
that a certain elasticity of constitution

and temper reacts with a degree of vigour
at least proportioned to the pressure—
I hope it will be so still—

But how oddly are all things
arranged in this sublunary sense—
I am just where I do not wish to be
—I know how I could be much
happier; but circumstances enchain me —
It is however determined that I will
break the spell. Nothing can prevent it
at the opening of the Spring, but the existence
or the certainty of a war between this
Country and some European Power— an event
which I most sincerely deprecate but
which reciprocal , in a degree,
endangers -

How long Dr Sister are the
best friends to be separated! This is
the question which Eliza and myself frequently
ask in reference to you & Mr Church —
But the fates leave us still in the dark without
diminishing our ardent & affect. wishes