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Angelica Church had been in the United States since the spring of 1789, visiting with her parents in Albany and with her sister Elizabeth and her husband Alexander Hamilton in New York City. She sailed for London to rejoin her husband John Barker Church early in November.


This may be Judith Van Rensselaer Bruce, the wthdow of a British medical officer, William Bruce.


Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus, Baron von Steuben (1730-1794) came to the United States in 1777 after an extensive military career in Europe. He made valuable contributions to the Continental Army during the American Revolution as an insructor in tactics and dicipline. In May 1778 he was appointed inspector generalof the army with the rank of major general. After the war Steuben settled in New York where he became something of a social lion. Hamilton was a close friend and advisor in Steuben's complicated financial affairs.


Philip Hamilton (1782-1801) was the eldest son of Alexander and Elizabeth Hamilton.


Angelica wrote to Hamilton early in November. She requested Hamilton to "sooth my poor Betsy, comfort her with the assurances that I will certainly return to take care of her soon. Remember this also yourself my dearest Brother and let neither politics or ambition drive your Angelica from your affections" (Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).


Hamilton enclosed a note to Angelica from Elizabeth Hamilton, 8 Nov.: "My Very Dear beloved Angelica—I have seated my self to write to you, but my heart is so sadned by your Absence that it can scarsly dictate, my Eyes so filled with tears that I shall not be able to write you much but Remember Remember, my Dear sister of the Assurances of your returning to us, and do all you can to make your Absence short. Tell Mr. Church for me of the happiness he will give me, in bringing you to me, not to me alone but to fond parents sisters friends and to my Hamilton who has for you all the Affection of a fond own Brother. I can no more. E.H." (ALS, Angelica Church Collection, University of Virginia Library).


Philip Church was the son of Angelica and John Barker Church.