University of Virginia Library


My Dear Sir

We did not leave Albany
till near twelve on Friday and the next day
about one I arrived here —where I found
the two families in good health.

The darkness of the night
obliged us to come to Anchor in Havenshaw
Bay. About mid- night we were alarmed
with the cry of "All hands upon Deck"
You will imagine we were not slow
in our obedience. No sooner were we on
Deck than we perceived by a flame issuing
out of the Forecastle that the vessel was on
Fire. The pilot, a resolute man, possessing
himself of a bucket of water; plunged
amidst the flames at great hazard of
suffocation; and dashed the water upon
the part from which the flames issued —
This gave it a check, and a
repetition of the application soon conquered

The fire was occasionned
by heat communicated below from the
back of the Caboose from which the

flame penetrated upward along the Cieling.
Five minutes more would probably have
rendered it impracticle to save the

Nothing new here—
Eliza joins in tender affection to her
mother & yourself.

Adieu my Dearest
A. Hamilton