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INSCRIPTION On a Cenotaph erected by Sir William Draper, K. B. in his Garden at Clifton near Bristol.

This Cenotaph is sacred
to the Memory
Of those departed Warriors,
of the seventy-ninth regiment,
by whose deliberate Valour,
steady discipline, and perseverance,
The formidable and impetuous efforts
of the French Land forces in Asia
were first withstood, and repulsed;
Our Commerce preserved;
Our Settlements rescued from impending destruction.
The ever memorable defence of Madrass,
The decisive Battle of Wandewash,
Twelve strong and important Fortresses,
Three Capitals
Arcot, Pondicherry, Manilla,


The Philippine Islands,
are witnesses of their Victories,
that would have done honor
even to the Greek and Roman Name
in the most illustrious times of Antiquity,
and well deserve to be transmitted down
to latest Posterity,
that future Generations may hear
and imitate (for they cannot exceed)
Their Glorious Exploits.