University of Virginia Library


Illvstr. XXXVIII.

[This is that fruitfull Plant, which when it growes]

Truth, oft oppressed, wee may see,
But, quite supprest it cannot bee.

This is that fruitfull Plant, which when it growes,
Where wholesome Water in abundance flowes,
Was, by the Psalmist, thought a likely Tree,
The Emblem, of a blessed-man, to bee:
For, many wayes, it fitly typifies,
The Righteous-man, with his proprieties;
And, those true Vertues, which doe helpe increase
His growing, in the state of Blessednesse.
The Palme, (in this our Emblem, figur'd, thus)
Depressed with a Stone, doth shew to us
The pow'r of Truth: For, as this Tree doth spread,
And thrive the more, when weights presse downe the head;
So, Gods eternall Truth (which all the pow'r
And spight of Hell, did labour to devoure)
Sprung high, and flourished the more, thereby,
When Tyrants crush'd it, with their crueltie.
And, all inferiour Truths, the same will doe,
According as they make approaches to
The best Perfection; or, as they conduce
To God's due praise, or some such pious use.
Lord, still, preserve this Truth's-integritie,
Although on ev'ry side, the wicked prie,
To spie how they may disadvantage it.
Yea, Lord, though Sinners in high place doe sit,
(As David saith) yet, let them not oppresse)
Thy Veritie, by their imperiousnesse.
But, make both Her, and her Professors, bide
The Test, like Silver seven times purifide.
That, all Truths lovers, may with comfort see,
Shee may deprest, but, not, oppressed bee.