University of Virginia Library

A PREPOSITION to this Frontispiece

This Booke contayning Emblems, 'twas thought fit,
A Title-page should stand to usher it,
That's Emblematicall: And, for that end,
Our Avthor, to the Graver did commend
A plaine Invention; that it might be wrought,
According as his Fancie had forethought.
Insteed thereof, the Workeman brought to light,
What, here, you see; therein, mistaking quite
The true Designe: And, so (with paines, and cost)
The first intended Frontispiece, is lost.
The Avthor, was as much displeas'd, as Hee
In such Adventures, is inclin'd to bee;
And, halfe resolv'd, to cast this Piece aside,
As nothing worth: but, having better ey'd
Those Errors, and Confusions, which may, there,
Blame-worthy (at the first aspect) appeare;
Hee saw, they fitted many Fantasies
Much better, then what Reason can devise;
And, that, the Graver (by meere Chance) had hit
On what, so much transcends the reach of Wit,
As made it seeme, an Object of Delight,
To looke on what, Misfortvne brought to light:
And, here it stands, to try his Wit, who lists
To pumpe the secrets, out of Cabalists.
If any thinke this Page will, now, declare
The meaning of those Figures, which are there,
They are deceiv'd. For, Destinie denyes
The utt'ring of such hidden Mysteries,
In these respects: First, This contayneth nought
Which (in a proper sense) concerneth, ought,
The present-Age: Moreover, tis ordain'd,
That, none must know the Secrecies contain'd
Within this Piece; but, they who are so wise
To finde them out, by their owne prudencies;
And, hee that can unriddle them, to us,
Shall stiled be, the second Oedipvs.
Tis, likewise, thought expedient, now and then,
To make some Worke, for those All-knowing men,
(To exercise upon) who thinke they see
The secret-meanings, of all things that bee.
And, lastly, since we finde, that, some there are,
Who best affect Inuentions, which appeare
Beyond their understandings; This, we knew
A Representment, worthy of their view;
And, here, wee placed it, to be, to these,
A Frontispiece, in any sense they please.