University of Virginia Library

A Direction, shewing how they who are so disposed, shall find out their Chance, in the Lotteries aforegoing.

If King, Queene, Prince, or any one that springs
From Persons, knowne to be deriv'd from Kings,
Shall seeke, for Sport sake, hence to draw their Lot;
Our Author sayes; that, hee provided not
For such as those: Because, it were too much
For him, to find out Fortunes, fit for such,
Who, (as hee thinkes) should rather, Ayde supply
For him, to mend his evill Fortunes by.
To them, hee, therefore pleased is to give
This noble, and this large Prerogative;
That, they shall chuse from hence, what Lots they please,
And make them better, if they like not these.
All other Personages, of High degree,
That, will prosesse our Authors friends to be,
This Freedome, likewise, have; that till, they find
A Lot, which is agreeing to their mind,
They shall have libertie, anewe, to try
Their sought, for Chance: And ev'ry time apply
The Morrals they disliked, unto those,
Which are, ill-quallifide, among their Foes.
All others, who this Game, adventure will,
Must beare their Fortunes, be they Good, or Ill.