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Flamma sine Fumo

or, poems without fictions. Hereunto are annexed the Causes, Symptoms, or Signes of several Diseases with their Cures, and also the diversity of Urines, with their Causes in Poetical measure. By R. W. [i.e. Rowland Watkyns]
1 occurrence of shall rise with fleas
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The Sluggard.
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1 occurrence of shall rise with fleas
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The Sluggard.

Otia corrumpunt animum.

When God did Adam with all pleasures blesse,
He was to labour, and the garden dresse.
God made man active, those fair orbs above
Do wheele about, and without ceasing move.
The running stream is sweet, and can impart
A wholsome draught unto a thirsty heart.
But standing pools more dark and foul appear,
Nor can they be from bad infections cleer;
So labour whet, the soul, and cleers the mind,
By active fire our mettal is refin'd.
An idle life a sad condition breeds,
Who sits, when he should travel, never speeds.
Look how the painful Bee unto her hive
Brings the pure hony, and doth daily thrive.
And the laborious Ant with careful pain
Doth treasure up in summer time her grain.
So she prevents the famine, and doth live
All winter in delight, and never grieve.
The Sluggard foulds his armes, and then doth say,
I fear, there is a Lion in the way:
Thus in the end both poverty and shame
Consumes his body, and obscures his name.
God is a husbandman, he doth require
All men to work, no peny else, no hire.