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Flamma sine Fumo

or, poems without fictions. Hereunto are annexed the Causes, Symptoms, or Signes of several Diseases with their Cures, and also the diversity of Urines, with their Causes in Poetical measure. By R. W. [i.e. Rowland Watkyns]
1 occurrence of shall rise with fleas
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Upon the Honorable Colonel Sr Herbert Prise Baronet,
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1 occurrence of shall rise with fleas
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Upon the Honorable Colonel Sr Herbert Prise Baronet,

Master of the Houshold to His Majesty Charles the Second.

Est major, quàm cui possit fortuna nocere.

Some wavering men, like reeds with every wind,
Are shaken to and fro: The various mind
Dislikes no weather; be it foul, or fair,
He hath a cloak fit for the present air:


Such like the Cynick will their tubs remove
From place to place, and still the sunshine love.
On these unconstant worldlings I do look,
As on the image in the Prophets book;
The head of gold, of silver th' arms and breast,
The thighs and belly were of brass; the rest
As legs and feet, of iron were, and clay;
The image fell, and moulder'd all away:
So wavering men, who use no constant Creed
From good to bad, from bad to worse proceed.
But here is one, who like a Martyr ran,
And held throughout the course he first began:
No strong temptations, threatning, swords or gold,
Could flat his resolution; he ne'r sold
His love for gain; his heart was firm and stable
Unto his King, as th' Anchor to the Cable:
So stands the stately Pine, which rooted fast
And deep in earth, disdains the weaker blast.
To make one perfect, Nature never could
Have form'd a man in a more decent mould:
But wiser men neglect the outward shell,
And praise his braver soul, where vertues dwell:
His sole ambition, rightly understood,
Is only to be known not great, but good:
His actions are so just, that you'd protest
Astræa dwelt within his sacred breast.
With unclipt wings let may Ambition fly,
As his desires are good, his merits high!