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Flamma sine Fumo

or, poems without fictions. Hereunto are annexed the Causes, Symptoms, or Signes of several Diseases with their Cures, and also the diversity of Urines, with their Causes in Poetical measure. By R. W. [i.e. Rowland Watkyns]
1 occurrence of shall rise with fleas
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[Gross, slimy humors do possess the brain]

1 occurrence of shall rise with fleas
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[Gross, slimy humors do possess the brain]

The Falling-Sickness.

Gross, slimy humors do possess the brain,
The lively spirits no free passage gain:
The Patient at the mouth will foam, and fall
As if he dy'd, and lost his senses all.
Burn any dead man's skull, the ashes take
In drink; this sickness shall you soon forsake.
If you desire to cure this evil, tye
About your neck the root of Piony.

The Pain in the Ears.

Who rides, or travels in cold storms or wind,
Grief in the ears, and mighty pains shall find.
Hot Inflammations may the Ears withhold:
So the Disease proceeds from heat, or cold.
Stamp Emmets eggs, Earth-worms, and leaves of Rue
In oil; which strain'd, the Hearing will renue:
The juyce of Onion will afford relief,
With Womans milk, and much asswage the grief.


But in hot causes, to procure some rest,
Cold Lettice made in plaister, is the best.

The Fistula.

Corrupt, sharp humors in some members shall
Cause a deep Ulcer, narrow, and hard withall.
Goats dung with honey mixt, the hollow place
Fill with the same; it cures in little space.
Take this Receipt; Put Leaven in strong Lye,
And to the Fistula the same apply.

The Scabs, Pox, and Leprosie.

Gross, filthy humors, mixt with matter thin
And very sharp, do these diseases bring:
The hair will fall, and outward scabs appear;
The Patient's not from pain, or itching clear.
Take Oil, and Aloes, and unquenched Lime,
An ointment make to cure in little time:
Take oil of Bays, white Wax, white Frankincense,
Quick-silver mixt with spittle, Hogs fat cleanse,
Bay-salt, and Plantain-juice: then mingle these,
To cure the Pox, the Scab, or Foul disease.

The Falling of the Hair.

Vicious and naughty humors do impair,
And quickly may corrupt the roots of hair:
If th' head wants moisture, and the skin be rare,
The hair forsakes the head, and leaves it bare.


Burn some Goats dung; the ashes will repair,
If it be mixt with oil, the falling hair.
Seeth Mallow-root in water; wash thy head
In this against the scurff, and thou hast sped.

The Morphew.

The gross and slimy blood becomes like cream,
And turns to Melancholick, and white Fleam.
If you'll discern this sickness, notice take,
The skin is spotted like a various snake.
Sheeps liver newly kill'd, warm on the face,
Revives the colour, and all spots doth chase:
Anoint thy face all over with Bulls blood,
To make one fair it is held wondrous good.

The Tooth-ach.

Great store of humors from the head do fall
Unto the gums; the pains are known to all.
Bruise the wild Poppy-seed, and put the meal
Within thy hollow tooth, thy grief to heal:
Stamp cloves of Garlick, tie them to thy arm,
Against the Tooth-ach 'tis a present charm:
With Crows dung fill the hollow tooth, and it
Will break the tooth, and ease thy grievous fit.

The Palsie. Paralisis.

Foul and gross humors to the sinews flow,
The members neither sense nor motion know.


The Patient with oyle benedict anoint,
Use ointments hot to supple every joint.
Take the Fox skin, apply it hot: the grief
It will asswage, and yield thee much relief.

The Squinacy.

Excess of filthy blood and choler float,
And draw unto the muscles of the throat.
The Patient's mouth is open, eyes are red,
He cannot draw his breath, nor swallow bread.
A Dogs toord with Oak-apples plaister-wise,
Is for the throat the best you can devise.
In a new earthen pot old Swallows burn,
Honey and powder mix to serve your turn,
Then with a quilt convey it down the throat,
It is a perfect cure, as divers note.
Fresh Hysop boyl'd in vinegar, is good
To gargarise, as I have understood.

Cough, or Hoarsness.

Cold humors to the wind-pipe dropping rain
Down from the head, which do the cough maintain.
Some rosted nuts with honey stampt, is sure
A long continued cough to heal and cure:
If rume doth drop, and liver putrifie,
Unto the head, being shaven, this apply.
Some mustard lay upon the shaven place,
The rume will dry within a little space.



From much hot blood this bad disease comes in,
Which hath recourse unto the tender skin
About the ribs: the Patient must abide
Hard breathing, fever, pricking in the side.
To be let blood, I hold the safest way,
The danger may be great, if you delay.
It is conceived, that the herb of grace
Receiv'd in drink, will cure the grieved place.


Too much, or want of exercise, will bind,
And we do certain meats restrictive find.
Steep Jallop in good white wine over night.
This drink will loose, and make disgestion light.
Sod Mallow roots, and stampt with old hogs greace,
And Bran laid to the Navil, will give ease.
Stomp sodden Savine with hogs greace, and then
Anoint the Navil, to cure costive men.

The Flux.

Excess of cold, or too much fruit to eat,
Begets a Flux, so doth excess of heat.
A Dog that eateth bones, will give thee a toord
To bind the belly, take it on my word.
Coriander seed being drunk, and acorns bind,
Restrictive vertue in old Cheese we find.


Cowes milk with Iron sodden, or a stone,
Is for the Flux the truest Physick known.

The Cholick.

Some gross and slimy humors, or the wind
Contained in the guts, the cause we find.
Meats raw, and meats corrupt, but chiefly fat,
And cold drink after heat engender that.
The Cholick in the belly causeth pain
With griefs: the Patient doth his meat disdain.
Take grains, and beat them small, then boyle them well
In Aqua vitæ, wind if you'l expell,
Old dung of beasts with frying oyle apply
Vnto your side, all pains to mortifie:
March Mallows boyl'd in water three dayes,
Grief in the bowels without doubt allayes.

The Worms in the Belly.

Corrupted fleam doth in the bowels seat;
Pains vex the belly, and desire to eat.
Boyle Garlick in your milk, which you must drink
Or else some Brimstone: both will cure, I think.
But Aloes Cicatrina, is the best
To kill the Worms, and give the Patient rest.

The Hemerrhoides.

The liver doth contain unwholsome blood,
And Melancholick, which is never good.


Of this disease if you the Symptomes need,
The fundamental veins break forth and bleed.
Ceruse, burnt Lead, and Oyle of Roses tale
With yolks of rosted eggs; a plaister male:
The seed of Annise burnt with honey, lay
Unto the grief, the Flux, and pain to stay.

The Oppilation of the Liver.

There some Apostume, or bad humors bide,
The face ill-colour'd, pains in the right side.
Savery, and Annise, Sage, and Fennel take
With Goats dung: of these mixt a plaister make:
Than Agarick, Sence, and Vermilion give
To ope the pipes, and Nature to relive.

The Inflation of the Cods.

Humors deriv'd from too much cold or heat,
Fall to the Cods, and cause inflations great.
Goats dung dissolv'd with Wine, will take away
The swelling of the Cods, and pains allay.
The Juyce of Wallwort, common oyle, bean flowers
These temper well: they have an active power.

The Mother.

Excess of humors stop the flowers: the seed
Within the Matrix may corruption breed.


Cramps in the legs, and weakness in the feet,
Pale colour, sadness in the Patient meet.
In strong hot Wine, Cloves, Garlick, Treacle take,
The Moder than the Patient will forsake.
Rue sod in oyle, and stampt, will soon relieve,
With Hen, and Goose-grease, where the sore doth grieve.

The swelling of the Paps.

Hot blood, and also hardned blood maintains
The swellings in the Paps, and grievous pains.
Take Mallows stamp, and hot, if breasts do swell
With common oyle; this plaister makes them well
If there be hollow ulcers in the breast,
Goats dung with honey, I esteem the best.
Use Brimstone stampt with Wine, a plaister make,
All hardness will the painful breasts forsake.

The Consumption.

Foul humors do descend: thin and sharp rume
Fall from the head, and doth the Lungs consume.
Short cough, short breath, and faintness, never cease
To be companions of this sad disease.
Use for thy constant drink, strong, pleasant Ale
Warm'd by the fire, which shall thy strength recall.
Resort to merry men, that love thee well,
And pray to God all discontents t'expell.
I know more cures for it; but I protest,
Amongst them all I censure this the best.



All Warts, as I have rightly understood,
Proceed from gross and melancholick blood.
Arsnick on Warts with vinegar apply'd,
Consume them all: this hath been often try'd.
The rind of Sallow burnt, and temper'd well
With Vinegar, all Warts and Scabs expell.

For the Bleeding at the Nose.

The bleeding of the Nose from heat doth flow,
From too much blood, and sometimes from a blow.
The Herb of Grace put to the nose, is good
To stop, and safely to restrain the blood.
Blood burnt to powder, blown into the nose,
Doth stanch the flowing blood, and wounds doth close.
Burn Frog or Toad; the ashes then apply
Unto the place which bleeds: This vertue try.

Of the Pains in the Lights.

Rheume, heat and dryness, on salt meats to feed,
Or drinking too much wine, this pain doth breed:
Pains in the left side, shortness of the wind,
And cough to follow this disease we find.
Take gum Arabick, Dragant, Frankincense,
Make pills with Honey, and with these dispense.


Against great desire to Fleshly lust.

The use of active wine, delicious meat,
Inflames the mind with Cupidineous heat,
Camphire dissolve in oil; this ointment may,
Rubb'd on the yard, all lustful actions stay.

Against spitting of Blood.

This from some bruise, or from a broken vein
Proceeds, as best Physitians do maintain.
Seeth some dry Figs fill'd up with Mustard seed,
In White wine, and at night on those figs feed:
And drink the Wine; for this will mundifie,
And from the stoppage of the Liver free.

To draw out Thorns or Splinters, or any thing which sticketh in the body.

Some Sothern-wood compound with wholsom grease,
To draw out thorns or iron, if you please.

The pain in Child-birth.

Give Mirrh to drink in wine a little warm,
Big as a nut, this will prevent much harm.
The juyce of Parsley in some drink is good,
To cleanse the Matrix, and to purge the blood.